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    1. benchmarkthis
      hi jules, thx for reply... i dont have a key just the message from humble bundle that saying this:

      "Thank you for supporting Legion TD 2! To access your purchase, just go to this download page"

      aaaaand nothing else... ive used oritrice@gmx.de hope u can help out. best regards from germany
    2. Slarchik
      Hello, Jules! I bought a beta key in November for $ 20 ... I'm very active in the game of 1 so far in Warcraft 3 .... in the top 29 of the 13,000 on our bot ... could not you give me a beta key I'm on In fact, I took an active part in the forum on developing or finalizing your game .... I can properly explain and correctly paint ...
    3. Jorgeep9
      Hey men!, i buy the game and i can see my beta key in mail, can u send again? , thx , Sorry bad english and GO CHILE
    4. Kevin
      Hey Jules , i´m cant wait more :S I´m buy it who saying the beta starts in December .. So when comes the Game online we have in next weeks February .. I`M CANT WAIT MAAAAAN .... See you :)
    5. Di Zi
      Di Zi
      Sup Jules? I got the best solution for you about how to monetize of the game, increase the competitiveness and the user base! many win-win-wins.. i hope you would be open for a discussion..
    6. voisez
      Hey jules! How do i add all my cool features from supporting on kickstarter? Or have they not come out yet...not to brag or anything but yea, I donated.
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