Update #26: Legion TD vs. Legion TD 2

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    Cheers from the Game Developer Conference (GDC) at San Francisco!

    We’re meeting game developers from Blizzard, Riot Games, Twitch, Amazon, and many more. And we’re telling them about Legion TD 2.

    This year, we joined 25,000+ game developers at GDC to exchange ideas that shape the future of the industry.

    Legion TD vs. Legion TD 2

    The original Legion TD launched in 2009. Seven years later, people are still hooked! It’s a game that is easy to pick up, but hard to put down.

    What to do when you’re stuck in traffic? Play Legion TD of course!

    Vethek and friends Davy and Sonny play Legion TD while waiting out a snowstorm.

    Read more Legion TD stories from Nichika, Soul Eater, BossHK, and Jmarcs.

    Legion TD is just plain fun. That’s why Legion TD 2 will have the same core gameplay as the original. If you like Legion TD, you’ll love Legion TD 2.

    Legion TD vs. Legion TD 2. Featured Legion TD streamer: pyro_p. Check out his stream at twitch.tv/pyro_p

    Beyond that “brand new” look, Legion TD 2 makes significant improvements across the board.

    New content
    • A brand new world: Nova
    • Hundreds of new fighters, many with new abilities
    • Custom lane skins, fighter equips, and builder models
    • Original soundtrack
    • Multi-language support
    Official game server
    • Steam integration
    • Matchmaking & reconnecting
    • Player profiles, stats, and achievements
    • Guilds & chat channels
    • Anti-leaver/anti-griefer systems
    New & improved gameplay
    • Redesigned HUD with customizable hotkeys
    • New “Legion Select” pre-game lobby
    • Smart pings (including grid pings)
    • Co-op vs. AI practice mode
    • Shorter game length (20 waves)
    Community content
    • Mod tools (Apex) to create custom games
    • Custom game list to play custom games
    • Developer API for mobile & web apps
    Frequent updates
    • Balance updates (bi-weekly)
    • New legions
    • New skins, equips, and models
    • Bug fixes & tweaks as needed
    For more details, check out last week's Reddit AMA for answers to many questions. Otherwise, you're more than welcome to leave a comment, post on the forums, or join us in chat!

    Recent Highlights
    • 3/17: We're meeting game devs from around the world at GDC!
    • 3/16: Trailer subtitles are now in Chinese.
    • 3/11: We made it! We reached our initial goal of 50K!
    • 3/11: Legion TD 2 has been Greenlit by Steam community!
    • 3/9: Thanks to all who participated in our Reddit AMA! Over 700 upvotes and 250+ comments!
    • 3/8: We’ve launched LegionTD2.com/chat

    Next up: Character design, behind-the-scenes
    We’ll share more about what goes into designing a character, including an extended version of the “Making of a King” clip featured in the trailer.

    As a reminder, the project will stay open through March 31st so there’s plenty of time to tell a friend. Each individual backer makes a difference. All money raised goes directly toward the game.
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    So excited! will contribute to the kickstarter tomorrow :)
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    Awesome to hear you guys have had such a good GDC! Keep up the great work
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    :) I informed my Bosses that December ill take my days off. They think I have family troubles, but yes ... playing Legion TD is kind of family trbl, because i don't want them to disturb me. DND mode on :cool:
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