Update #27: Character Design & "Making of a King"

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    Behind the Scenes: Character Design

    How do we come up with characters in Legion TD 2? The process can vary depending on the character, but it tends to look like this:
    1. Gameplay ideation – What gameplay purpose will the character serve?
    2. Art ideation – What does the character look and act like? Its art should fit the gameplay.
    3. Concept art – Putting all those juicy ideas onto paper!
    4. Orthographic – Visualizing the character from the front, back, and side to prepare for 3D.
    5. 3D high poly sculpt – Initial 3D model. What you might see in a cinematic featuring the character.
    6. 3D low poly sculpt – Optimization stage. What you see in game.
    7. UV Map – Mapping the surface of the 3D model to a 2D texture.
    8. 3D model with texture – Coloring and texturing the model.
    9. Animations – Make the character come to life!
    10. Abilities – Coding any special abilities the character might have.
    11. Visual & sound effects – Spicing things up with cool VFX and sound!
    12. Balancing – Fine-tuning the numbers so the character is balanced and matches its gameplay purpose.
    13. Skins & equips – Skins & equips are ways to show off and personalize your LTD2 experience.
    Quill Shooter orthographic

    Behind the Scenes: "Making of a King"

    The King is the centerpiece character of Legion TD 2, so we made sure to spend extra time with his design. We’re excited to present the extended version of the “Making of a King” clip featured in the trailer.

    Recent Highlights:
    • 3/22: “Overgrowth” lane skin unlocked for all Kickstarter backers!
    • 3/17: We’re meeting game devs from around the world at GDC!
    • 3/16: Trailer subtitles are now in Chinese.
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    The King looks graceful, but also powerful and imperious. Couldn't imagine something better that would work with lore as giving king this mage component. I was curious of what king will look like and I'm pretty sure no one is disappointed. Just again great work there.
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