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Jul 24, 2014
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Los Angeles, CA
    1. JTWonderland
      Pls look on the Report Forum ur Meber is a joke rly sry that i have to say that but its rly disapointing!
    2. WarPenguin
      I do can help with game translation into Romanian, if you wanna add our language you know where you find me.
      1. Jules
        Thanks WarPenguin - as soon as we're ready to translate the game, I'm happy to reach out to you!
        May 31, 2018
    3. Rhaim
    4. Pornstar_Peon
    5. Themryon
      I didn't pay attention when you guys did it, but: Nice rework of the LegionTD2 site!
      I like it!
    6. granmaster1996
      como puedo conseguir 1 llave para el juego, soy un gran fan de legión td y la verdad me interesa mucho jugarlo
    7. RobitoSan
      Konnichiwa Jules-san can i receive one key ? i play on warcraft 3 alot the game so would be nice if i can help you with something or just enjoy the game with you all :)
    8. SircamuS
      Hello Jules, i am w3c old player and a TD lover. Could you send me a alpha key please? Thank you very much.
    9. darkspellx
      Hey Jules I have friends that are testing the alpha and wanted me to join them on the alpha test of LTD2. We are top players in squadron TD and I did play legion TD on wc3 :). I wouldn't mind paying the 20$ fee right now. My email is fixou.productions@gmail.com

      Thanks in advance and can't wait to try this game out and leave some feedback!
    10. serlyk100
      здравствуйте хотел бы поиграть в вашу игру так как в warcraft 3 она меня зацепила, а тут я мотрю она ещё лучше немогли бы вы предоставить ключ?
    11. CaterBlack
      Здравствуйте, я фанат этого жанра игр, хоть я и зарегистрировался совсем не давно, не могли бы отправить мне альфа ключ доступа к игре на платформе steam, для дальнейшей помощи и развития контента
    12. Marsh

      I was wondering if I could be a bit pushy and ask for alpha access, I signed up a while ago for it but I imagine you have a big backlog. I am an active LTD player (LIHL) and feel my feedback would be useful as I have in depth knowledge of both unit balance and maps.
    13. feuk
      Hey Jules, I need to downgrade graphics to play without lag of fps
    14. Mr.Busch
      Hey Jules, can you send me an Alpha key for Legion td 2 pls? (tobias-busch1@hotmail.de)
      Hope i can test the game soon:)!
    15. Narmer
      Hello, i buy the preorder the 2 - 2 and never receive my key.

      Mi email is: riveremmanuel_87@hotmail.com

      My acc of Steam es Denfensis
    16. Limpy
      Hi Jules, i never received the alpha test signup, i changed my email on kickstarter so that might have bugged it but my current email is zwlivingston@gmail.com. Would love to start playing and testing the game!!!
    17. Onkuek
      Hey Jules
      Like others I didn't receive my beta key (im aqua tier backer) I got the alpha one but it doesn't activate I only have a guest play on Legion TD 2
      In your E-Mail, you said that, if I didn't get the key I should contact you but I don't know how. So I comment everywhere I can, hoping you will see it. ;-P

      my kickstarter E-Mail is k.massow@goooglemail.com

      Cheer and Greetings
    18. benchmarkthis
      hi jules, thx for reply... i dont have a key just the message from humble bundle that saying this:

      "Thank you for supporting Legion TD 2! To access your purchase, just go to this download page"

      aaaaand nothing else... ive used oritrice@gmx.de hope u can help out. best regards from germany
    19. Slarchik
      Hello, Jules! I bought a beta key in November for $ 20 ... I'm very active in the game of 1 so far in Warcraft 3 .... in the top 29 of the 13,000 on our bot ... could not you give me a beta key I'm on In fact, I took an active part in the forum on developing or finalizing your game .... I can properly explain and correctly paint ...
    20. Jorgeep9
      Hey men!, i buy the game and i can see my beta key in mail, can u send again? , thx , Sorry bad english and GO CHILE
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