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Apr 14, 2021 at 9:25 AM
Jul 8, 2014
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Director, Male, from California

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Apr 14, 2021 at 9:25 AM
    1. Naaid
      Hi Lisk.

      As a fellow game developer and dedicated Legion TD 1 & 2 player i'd like to ask what tools you used for development.

      I know about Unity for starters, but what did you use for client / server communication (photon maybe? Or just internal unity?)

      What exactly are you using playfab for? Is it sufficient for your project?.

      Did i miss any Tool?

      Thanks for your answers in advance!

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    2. JTWonderland
      Pls look on the Report Forum ur Meber is a joke rly sry that i have to say that but its rly disapointing!
    3. morgan_xD
      моя почта worldassasin1982@mail.ru
    4. morgan_xD
      купил игру не могу зайти...скачал установил запускаю пишет...(Программа*Legion TD 2.exe* не работает) Возникшая проблеммы.Windows закроет программу ,а если извесный способ устранения проблеммы,уведомит вас об этом! купил и за что платит за картинку в библиотеке что делать
    5. Themryon
      Congratulations with the wedding!
    6. Rhaim
    7. PitMcKing
      I realy appreciate the work you are putting into this (for apparently only me). To save time on reactions, i could join you on a TS server or kind of that stuff (only if you think it will help, i don´t want to put myself on anohter level than any other user). But to be clear, i know it isn´t realy effective for you to improve the game for a minority, when there is big stuff to do for the majority of people.
      1. Lisk
        Thanks for the message - I'm hoping that solving this for you will solve the problem for many other people, too, so I think it is time well spent. :) I still need more time to come up with solutions, so I'm not sure we need to do a voice chat yet, but thanks for the offer! I'll keep it in mind.
        Mar 2, 2018
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    8. Hacker315
      Hey Lisk,
      I just wanted to ask something that I couldn't find an answer to on the forums :
      Do you know when a 32-bit version will be released? I really want to play LTD2 but its difficult when the game only works on 64 bit systems.... Thanks a bunch
    9. MarkoK
      Hello i cant play my game, i bought it and down load, and when i start it i cant see nothing, idk what to pres to see options to fix grafic or anything in fact, i cant seee options bar or nothing whats the problem
    10. Weilbockt
      Hi again,

      I never thought that I'd actually get this addicted to the game. Because of that, I created a stupid username when I first started playing to prank my mates. Now, that I'm actually pretty high up in the ladders, I'd like to change the name I'm playing under to the one that is shown here ("Weilbockt"). Could you please help a brother out? :D

      Best wishes
    11. siiinon
      Hello, I got a crash report im supposed to send to you guys but I dont know where to send it :-)
    12. bbp
      will there be a draft like fun mode that would be very cool
      ps im so hyped
    13. Cazscu
      Lisk, wait, you were the original creator of LEGION TD! Congrats with your debut game! :)
    14. granmaster1996
      hola como puedo obtener una llave para el juego, jugué mucho tiempo legión td con mis amigos y nunca note que estaban creando legion td2, agradeceria mucho me dijieran como puedo obtener una llave
    15. Fravem
      Hi Lisk, i am a student in 3D animation and i really enjoy Legion TD 2 since i was playing on warcraft on the original mod. Can you contact me by e-mail, id like to help with the project in any ways !
    16. CaterBlack
      Привет))) можете выслать ключик? У меня канал на ютуб, мои подписчики ждут очень выхода игры и хотят посмотреть превью обзор, я фанат вашего проекта и хотел бы показать его своим друзьям, спасибо
    17. Narmer
      Hi i want to know how much time may i wait to get a key, i bought 2 copies of the game, one for me and one for alan cacedevant for the game at 4/2/2017!!!! And i dont have a key yet please and Alan Yes.
    18. alan cacedevant
      alan cacedevant
      Hi i want to know how much time may i wait to get a key, i bought the game at !!!!4/2/2017!!!! And i dont have a key yet please.

      Sorry for my english and ty for read, but please do something.

      cya!. Im a big fan :C
    19. Kazzik
      Lisk, I received an alpha invite but haven't got to enjoy it because my roomate hasn't got one, so we are still stuck playing legion td on DoTA. You should fix that and hook him up, his user name is Kennebly!
    20. Tichondrius666
      You share Apex?
      You have an editor for triggers the same as in warcraft 3 ?
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