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Mick's Recent Activity

  1. Mick liked Jules's post in the thread 6.05: Shop & Guilds.

    [ATTACH] The moment we’ve all been waiting for: SHOP & GUILDS are here! Before diving into the details, we wanted to reflect on how the...

    LTD2_Timeline (1).jpg EssenceTable.jpg CardExample_1_small.png CardExample_2_small.png ThisIsFine.png CHONKYNekomata.png SecretCards.jpg 2020-11-24_16h32_39.png 2020-11-24_23h41_23.png 2020-11-21_17h47_55.png 2020-11-22_15h08_50.png 2020-11-22_14h07_46.png 2020-11-23_21h54_32.png SkyKing.png LizardArmy.png GiantSnail.png GuardianAngel.png Hero.png PawnShop.png ProtectionAura.png Pulverize.png MagicAura.png Sorcerer.png Titan.png Vampire.png Buzz.png MaskedSpirit.png FalseMaiden.png HellRaiser.png Proton.png Atom.png Angler.png Nekomata.png Zeus.png Pyro.png SkyQueen.png SeaSerpent.png Gateguard.png Harbinger.png Leviathan.png Violet.png Wileshroom.png Canopie.png SacredSteed.png Pegasus.png LostChieftain.png MPS.png HeadChef.png SandBadger.png OceanTemplar.png PriestessOfTheAbyss.png Berserker.png Fatalizer.png Hydra.png Millennium.png DoomsdayMachine.png Fenix.png RedEyes.png Witch.png Sludge.png Kobra.png KillerSlug.png MetalDragon.png DireToad.png green_arrow.png red_arrow.png 2020_01124_ShopGuild.jpg 2020_1112_masterscup7.jpg Nov 24, 2020 at 9:19 AM
  2. Mick replied to the thread 6.05: Shop & Guilds.

    Christmas is early this year!

    Nov 24, 2020 at 9:19 AM