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[2.31] Guide - OP Mech, get 2k+ elo easily, 80-90% winrate

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Roshkatul, Jul 14, 2018.

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    - Playing mech is disgusting. This build can literally boost you a few hundred elo above your level. You can reach 2k elo without much game knowledge if you perfect it.
    - This isn't an original build, many other players are using this to climb the ladder. This is my take on it, and I'm pretty sure it isn't even perfected. There are improvements you can make, but this guide will be enough to get the idea.
    - Requires a bit of practice, but after like 10 games or so, you shouldn’t lose with this unless you make a crucial mistake in the build, or your teammate throws the game.
    - Currently at around 90% winrate with it, the latest patch did not influence the winrate.
    - This build will ruin your opponent’s game, since if played properly, it is unbreakable.
    - It is disgustingly strong late game
    - Spent 10 minutes writing all of this.
    - I am only posting this so more of you play it, so mech gets a higher winrate which will make it so it gets heavily nerfed. So plz follow my guide ty.

    For wave 1:
    You start with pyro, going up to 3 workers.


    For wave 2:
    You hire a 4th worker as soon as possible, don’t add anything


    For wave 3:
    You hire a 5th worker as soon as possible, and add 1 peewee


    For wave 4:
    You add a tempest and 1 or 2 more peewees. This will hold anywhere from 80 to 120 mythium without issues.


    For wave 5:
    You hire a 6th and a 7th worker, and you SAVE UP the rest of your gold. You don’t need to build anything for this wave. If the game is really low on income, skip on hiring the 7th worker.


    For wave 6:
    Here you have multiple options. If you can, go for a berserker + a bazooka. This will hold up to 120/140 mythium. Going for a berserker + peewee, you’ll be able to hold around 100 mythium.



    The alternative here, is going for 4 bazookas and a few peewees. This is a little bit more consistent, relies less on targeting, and you hold a bit better.


    It’s up to you to follow which route you take.

    For wave 7:
    If the enemies sent on wave 6, hire your 8th, 9th and 10th worker, and add a bazooka/peewee. This setup will easily hold an 80 mythium resend. If they did not send on wave 6, get a leviathan.


    For wave 8:
    If the enemies sent on wave 7, push workers with all of your gold. If not, you get the leviathan here, to defend a potential 8 send.


    For wave 9:
    If you expect your enemies to send on 9, save some gold on 8, and get a millenium on 9.


    If you expect your enemies to send on 10, you can simply get an APS or bazookas (you can decide to entirely skip the aps) and save the rest of your gold, so you can get a fatalizer on 10. Since this can hold small sends on 9 even if heavily undervalued.


    For wave 10:
    If you can’t afford a fatalizer, just get 1-2 extra berserkers, and some bazookas/peewees. You should be fine with this. The only downside is that those 3 berserkers won't be really that useful on 11/12, but you can cover the weakness with pyro/mps.



    Anything which goes over these values, can go into workers, if you are not getting heavily saved on!

    Don't over push! Mech is incredibly strong late game. You just need to hold your lane, and you'll completely destroy your opponents wave 10+

    As you can see, up to wave 5, the build does not have any variations. After wave 5, it varies depending on when you expect to get sends on. You have options for every wave after 5, you just need to decide. As a recap:
    If you expect 6, you can go for a berserker or bazooka spam
    If you expect 7, get the leviathan early.
    If you expect 8, get the leviathan and add some peewees.
    If you expect 9, save some gold on 8 and get a millenium.
    If you expect 10, get an APS or bazookas on 9, save some gold on 9 and get a fatalizer for 10, or spam berserkers.

    I’m not going to post build orders after wave 10, since it varies from game to game. But this is roughly everything you need, to hold every wave from 11 to 21.

    Wave 11: If you expect a heavy send on 11, add more pyros

    Wave 12: If you expect a heavy send on 12, upgrade the APS to an MPS, and get 1 more pyro

    Wave 13: If you expect a heavy send on 13, you have the option to choose between millenium, doomsday machine or berserker/fatalizer depending on your current build and your gold income. I’d recommend getting a doomsday for wave 13, as this will have you covered the following waves.

    Wave 14: If you couldn’t get the doomsday machine on 13, get it now. You’ll hold any wave 14 send with fairly low value

    Wave 15. If you expect wave 15, add more milleniums/pyros, or you can potentially go for zeus

    Wave 16. If you expect wave 16, you need 1 or 2 fatalizers to tank, 3/4 pyros under the MPS/APS aura + x1/x2 doomsdays. This setup will completely destroy the wave, if you include the extra damage from the leviathans and aps/mps. You can hold around 600 mythium sends, even if you are undervalued (let's say around 3500 value).

    Wave 17. If you expect wave 17, make sure to have at least x2 doomsdays. Adding tempest here can help you hold, but people rarely send wave 17 against mech, because mech is so strong on 17.

    Wave 18. If you expect heavy 18, fatalizers are going to murder this wave.

    Wave 19. Wave 19 is your weakest wave, and probably the only fairly weak wave. I’d recommend going for leviathans, with boosted peewees. Leviathans actually deal great dps on this wave

    Wave 20. You have 2 of the best tools in-game to hold wave 20. Fatalizers and Doomsday Machines destroy this wave

    Wave 21. For wave 21, Doomsdays and fatalizers are once again 2 of the greatest fighters you can get. I’d go for mass doomsdays.

    ALWAYS add peewees with your spare gold if you expect a send. Peewees will be good on pretty much every wave, as a meatshield.
    ALWAYS make sure to properly use your aps/mps aura. I'd heavily recommend that your doomsday machines get affected by both auras.

    This is how a fairly balanced setup might look on wave 19, if you plan on holding a send on 19.

    But of course, every game is different, so you might have games where you end up with 3-4-5 doomsdays, or 3-4 fatalizers, depending on the waves you need to hold

    K, ty, bye.
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  2. Robert Mends

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    Thank you Rosh! I played by builds from ltdstats.com before. Obviously I took one of the top 10 Mech players and browsed through their latest games, but your guide is more detailed, thank you for that. Have a nice day and keep up the good work.
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  3. Diocletir

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    - I am only posting this so more of you play it, so mech gets a higher winrate which will make it so it gets heavily nerfed. So plz follow my guide ty.

    Your guide works well! I followed your guide and now I have 80% winrate with mech (on my smurf) and i am still on a winning streak.
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  4. Ceeboz

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    does APS and MPS stack?
  5. Themryon

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    Every aura that has another name stacks.

    So yes.
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    Well, fortunately Mech could be banned for Master Cup ^^