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[2.33]Guide: Egg Start

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Saber, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Saber

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    Preperation Phase:

    You need to roll Peewee Grarl and Eggsack :D

    For Wave 1:
    You start with Grarl stay on 2 Workers
    send 1 Snail after the Wave start. (You need the extra income to hold a brute on 3)

    For Wave 2:

    Add 1 Peewee and boost it.

    For Wave 3:
    If the Enemy did sent 40 on 2 dont add anything and boost the peewee.
    If the Enemy did sent 20 on 2 add 2 more peewess and boost.
    If the Enemy did not sent on 2 add 3 more peewees and boost.

    For 4-6:

    Push super hard Workers especially when you got a resend on 4 or 5
    you can hold 6 against a 80 send with Hydra + 3 Peewees (350 value).
    Wave 7+:
    Wave 7 and 8 are your weak Waves add some value (more peewees etc) it can be good to leak 1 or 2 creeps and overpush a littlebit because you are way ahead in workers.

    I hope this Guide help you all :D

    Feel free to criticism me.
  2. Bluejin

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    Seems still like a dice roll, even with 4 boosted peewies on 3 :
    -can still leak 3 to brute if the brute is one of the last targets
    -can leak 3 to turtle snail if first snail and then turtle are focused
    -can leak 3 to triple snail if snails are focused first
    -if the game is slow and you have a 5-worker start sending to you, you're screwed on 3, dino tanks peewies forever
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  3. Seraphon

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    The more I test Egg, the more I think they are really hard to play. Definitively, I would prefer to play something else rather than Eggs.
    There are a lot more starters which are really better and more safe to use.
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