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[5.02b] In-game chat showing up in the top left of the screen

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by Curing, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. Curing

    Curing Art Director Staff Member

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    It happened so quickly that I couldn't take a screenshot. It was temporary and chat worked as usual after a moment. It was something like this (My impression was that it looked like some kind of debug-input UI, where you press ` and put command/cheat code);


    I'm reporting it as a major bug because I think some chat messages might have been lost as well but maybe I just didn't notice them bc it was in the top left corner. My own chats did not appear in the top left corner and showed as normal, but idk if it was bc of the timing or just my allies' chat ended up in the top left. Rockholm was the only player that was chatting so I can't tell. His chat eventually became normal again too later in the game, just not sure what happened.

    - Logs (https://legiontd2.com/community/threads/reporting-bugs-finding-your-game-logs.9413/)