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6.00: Season 6

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Season 5 End
    • June 21: Season 5 ends at 9pm PST. Ranked disabled
    • June 22 - June 23: 2x Chaos 2v2 featured game mode. Ratings soft-reset. Ranked rewards distributed
    • June 24: Season 6 begins

    Community Broadcasters

    We are looking for players who are interested in becoming official Community Broadcasters. A broadcaster is an ambassador for the game. Their Legion TD 2 games show up on the Legion TD 2 Steam page.

    - Highly active (10+ games/week)
    - Consistent positive behavior (Behavior Score > 90)
    - Use high+ graphics settings

    If you're interested in becoming a Community Broadcaster, reach out to Jules in the Legion TD 2 Discord


    New Units: Divine Tier 4


    Elite Archer
    - Cost: 145 gold
    - Health: 900 (Arcane)
    - Damage: 25 (Pierce)
    - Attack speed: 0.83
    - Range: 450

    Fires 3 additional arrows, dealing ability damage, at enemies near its attack target. Multiple arrows can hit the same target.

    via Sketchfab


    Trinity Archer
    - Upgrade Cost: 265 gold
    - Health: 2530 (Arcane)
    - Damage: 57 (Pierce)
    - Attack speed: 0.83
    - Range: 450

    Fires 4 additional arrows, dealing ability damage, at enemies near its attack target. Multiple arrows can hit the same target.

    via Sketchfab

    New Legion Spells

    Increases a target fighter's health by 1400

    Gives a target fighter Pulverize: Each attack has a 28% (16% for ranged) chance to stun its target for 1 second (0.33 for bosses)

    Applies once for all units (does not work on bounced and split attacks)

    Game Coach
    - After each game, Game Coach analyzes your performance and occasionally makes recommendations
    - This feature is primarily for new and lower-rated players and may be inaccurate for higher-rated players
    - As a beta feature, please give us feedback to help us improve it
    - You can disable Game Coach in Options > Interface


    Value Bar 2.0
    - Value (gold spent on fighters) is now displayed near your gold, mythium, income, and workers
    - The amount you are over or under recommended value is now also displayed
    - The middle green gem glows when you are near recommended value (+/-10%)
    - Each highlighted bar to the left means you are an additional 10% under recommended value
    - Each highlighted bar to the right means you are an additional 10% over recommended value
    - The bar is yellow when you are within 20% of recommended value, but not within 10%
    - The bar is red when you are greater than 20% from recommended value
    - Wave 1 has slightly different thresholds


    Recommended value is not perfect. It is a heuristic that assumes you have an average build with average typing against the wave. You should aim to be under value if you have a strong build or good typing against the wave. You should aim to be over value if you have poor typing against the wave.

    Enemy Tab Scoreboard
    - Hold TAB and click "Enemy Team" (or Space) to view enemy fighters
    - Only fighters from the previous wave are displayed (what you were already able to see normally)


    This makes it easier to keep track of which lane you are sending to, without having to move the camera and memorize/ping enemy fighters before they die. Additionally, this way of displaying information makes it quicker to scout your opponent. This leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of the game (your build, shotcalls, reroll, etc.)

    Lifebars 2.0
    - Now shows chunks of 1k hp to distinguish tanks from squishy units
    - Now shows orange burn graphics when taking damage
    - Now hidden for full life units that do not use mana during the battle phase
    - You can hold CTRL to toggle all lifebars on
    - You can press HOME (POS1) to toggle between lifebar modes if you want it to always show all lifebars
    - You can toggle on/off health bar segments in Options > Interface
    - Removed red/yellow lifebar option
    - King, Granddaddy (Wave 10), and Maccabeus (Wave 20) lifebars have extra-wide lifebars


    Party Chat 2.0
    - Added Party Chat. Type "/p hello" to say "hello" to your party


    Opening Win Rate
    - Your opening win rate for each fighter is now tracked and displayed in Fighter Stats


    New Language: Korean

    - Enabled Korean language
    - Updated translations for Turkish, Russian, and other languages

    Thank you to Curing, Tonezin-Levent, Onur, Ladiance, foliesseer, Flavah, Robert Mends, and everyone who contributed. Legion TD 2 has an international community, so translations go a long way in growing the game. If you’d like to contribute, please go to LegionTD2.com/translate

    API 2.0
    - The API has been rewritten with a new design for the developer portal and bug fixes

    If you're interested in learning more or requesting an API key, visit our API thread. An example of what's possible with the API is LTDStats.com, made by GvR Mr Mister.

    Gameplay Improvements

    Pathing & Targeting
    - Fixed a bug where Sea Serpent would sometimes not aggro onto the closest target
    - Fixed a bug where units would change attack targets after casting an ability (most commonly with Starcaller)
    - Fixed a relatively rare bug where leaked creatures/mercenaries would wander through the gate (their target acquisition range is now lowered after they are leaked)
    - Added some extra failsafes to unstuck units quicker

    - Now guaranteed at least one T2 or T3 in your roll

    Worker Queue
    - Selling or downgrading a tower now clears your worker queue first to prevent accidentally over-workering (especially when repositioning a tower on wave 1)

    King Upgrades
    - You can now queue king upgrades by shift-clicking them


    Catch Area
    - (2v2 map only) Catch fighters are positioned a little less randomly: tanks are now positioned towards the center (horizontally) of the lane to make them more reliably tank.
    - Fixed some cases where catch area fighters would wander from the catch area (should be a lot less teleporting now).

    Eternal Wanderer, Samurai Soul, Hydralings, and Guardian Angel
    - Fixed a bug where sometimes units wouldn't revive with the correct buffs, especially when being attacked by Brutes

    Disciple, Starcaller, King (Chain Frost, Lightning Hammer)
    - Autocast behavior is smarter when attacking low-life targets (if the target is about to die to an autoattack, it will immediately cast its ability on another unit)

    Lost Chieftain
    - Fixed an autocast bug where it would cast on the wrong unit when building at the top of the lane
    - Fixed an autocast bug where it would sometimes consider a target slightly out of range
    - Fixed a bug where Gaia Shield couldn't target Sea Serpent & Deepcoiler

    Sacred Steed & Pegasus
    - Fixed a bug where they wouldn't cast on themselves if you had Great Boar/Red Eyes nearby as the only mana-users
    - Fixed a bug where they could accidentally target mercenaries
    - Fixed a bug where they wouldn't autocast their abilities in the catch area while the gate was still closed

    Head Chef, Azeria, Desert Pilgrim
    - Fixed a bug where they wouldn't autocast their abilities in the catch area while the gate was still closed

    Sea Serpent & Deepcoiler
    - No longer use Ambush after reviving from Guardian Angel

    Priestess of the Abyss, Azeria, Banana Haven
    - Burst Attack, Echostrike, and Tribal Warfare now properly deal ability damage, instead of autoattack game

    Takeover Bots (for Disconnected Players)
    - Now always save mythium if you save mythium. They used to consider solo-sending before wave 10
    - Now no longer upgrade the king if you did not upgrade the king first. They used to consider solo upgrading king based on various factors
    - Now always aggressively send late-game (after wave 13 in 2v2, after wave 17 in 4v4), instead of occasionally income-sending or partial-sending
    - Now always aggressively send if saving for 2+ waves, instead of occasionally income-sending or partial-sending
    - Now no longer consider upgrading the king on wave 21+

    Sell (Undeploy, Delicacy, Pawn Shop, etc.)
    - Now rounds gold consistently (rounds up to nearest number). For example, Pawn Shop with Looter should now sell for 9g instead of 8g.

    Matchmaking & Queue Improvements

    - The matchmaker now speeds us less during off-hours. This means fairer matches for everyone
    - The rating ceiling now expands dynamically. This means fairer matches for very high-rated players, especially towards the end of the season
    - More matchmaking parameters can now be adjusted without having to patch the game, allowing for more matchmaking adjustments and hotfixes
    - The anti-smurf boost threshold now automatically adjusts based on the leaderboard, rather than always being set to 2200

    Play vs. AI
    - Nerfed Hard Bots. They now start with +35 income instead of +65 income
    - Nerfed Easy Bots
    - Added Insane Bots. They now start with +65 income and play smarter than Hard Bots. You get a "Terminator" trophy every time you beat Insane bots.

    Classic Queue
    - Parties of 4 may be put on separate teams to keep matches fair, without increasing queue time. It prevents 4-stacks of veteran players dominating weaker players and 4-stacks of new players getting dominated.

    Custom Games
    - You can now adjust bot difficulty: Beginner, Easy, Medium, and Hard
    - Added a "Set for all players" button to copy the selected player's gold/mythium to all players. Thanks for the suggestion, Flight_Tv!

    Ranked Rewards
    - Now shows a popup when you reach a new peak rank this season

    - Tweaked rating loss formula to reduce rating inflation, especially for at the top end
    - Disabled -ratings and removed the "Show All Rating Changes" option

    Seeing the exact ratings of players in your game causes unnecessary anxiety, toxicity, and fixation on rating changes. It's healthier for the game in the long run to remove this. For players who used -ratings, this will be an uncomfortable change, so we'll keep an eye on how things feel after everyone has time to adjust.

    Queue Cancelations
    - Fixed a queue bug where the "Canceled the search" notification appeared before your cancellation was fully completed
    - Improved cancel queue notification by adding a warning that it may take up to 7 seconds

    Game Improvements

    - Fixed a bug with the Behavior Score formula that caused everyone to have 99-100 Behavior Score. Now, players will be between 0-100.
    - Removed Behavior Score leaderboard (may re-add it in the future with some tweaks, but for now it wasn't very accurate due to some limitations)
    - You can now report for Offensive Tagline

    Players with low behavior score will have reduced essence gain when the shop comes out, will be ineligible for ranked rewards, will be unable to participate in official tournaments/leagues, and risk having their account suspended during ban sweeps. This is part of our effort to maintain a healthy and fun community.

    - Changed formula for Pick Rate. It is now the % that you pick a fighter, given that it showed up in your roll. So if you pick a Windhawk 100% of the time it is in your roll, Windhawk will have a pickrate of 100%.
    - Fighter Stats: Added mouseover tooltips for Performance and Pick Rate
    - Playstyle Chart: Now considers your most recent ~50 games
    - Match History: Now no longer includes ties (they were taking up unnecessary space)

    - When selecting an emoji from the autocomplete list, you can now press ESC to cancel
    - Fixed a bug where wide emojis were squished in lobby chat
    - Added :fiesta: emoji


    - Builds tab: Now shows specific King Upgrades received, rather than just the total value of King Upgrades.
    - Builds tab: Fixed a bug where leaked percent was inaccurate on boss waves.
    - Fixed a bug where canceling a Play Again queue wouldn't cancel if you did it too quickly after queueing (Specifically, added "Entering queue..." and "Canceling queue..." button states for Play Again button to prevent you from canceling/requeueing before your previous request finished).
    - Improved MVP score formula. It now rewards causing the opponent to leak more and punishes feeding the opponent more
    - Fixed a bug where Power Score bar would be missing if everyone on the team had negative MVP scores

    - New text/vfx that displays "+ income" when you hire a mercenary. This adds visual clarity and feedback for income
    - New text/vfx that displays "+1 mythium rate" or "+2 mythium rate" when you train a worker. This adds visual clarity and feedback for training workers
    - King Upgrades on the wave timer bar now show in different colors
    - New icons for income and fighter value
    - Fixed a bug where a seemingly random tower would sometimes be selected when entering night phase.
    - Fixed a bug where the attack/defense mouseover tooltips didn't update when your attack speed/mana regen/etc. changed

    General Interface
    - Fixed some inconsistencies with Legion Spell window graphics
    - Flat damage reduction is now shown in target frame tooltip
    - Mouse: Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would be stuck on the 'drag' graphic after a game ended if you were in the middle of dragging the camera.
    - Tab Scoreboard: Now has a light background to distinguish your lane.
    - Tab Scoreboard: Mousing over a unit tooltip now shows its current mana.
    - Tooltips: Mana Regen now displays as the actual mana regen number, instead of percent.
    - Pings: Fixed a case where pings would sometimes not disappear/get stuck on a unit or the ground.

    Friends List
    - Fixed some cases where friends list wouldn't be up-to-date after returning from a game.

    Hybrid & Chaos
    - Now show up properly in post-game, tab scoreboard, and friends list. Previously it showed them as Mastermind

    Dual Building
    - Added additional mouse hover messages to help players understand dual building requirements
    - Fixed a bug where the dual build requirement hover message would show after the first tower was already placed.

    - Default view now shows Idle animations every 5 seconds
    - You can now cycle between Breathe/Idle and Attack.
    - Mousing over Hero-style Legion Spells now shows some information about the ability

    - Improved graphics when deploying a fighter. It should feel more responsive now.
    - Improved graphics for Magician, Sorcery, Vampirism, Protector, Leadership (Pack Leader Aura),
    - Fixed a bug where some ability vfx would appear to be launched from the wrong point under certain lag conditions (most notable with Tempest/Leviathan passives & some others)
    - Removed aura range circles. they weren't useful and just took attention away from the yellow squares, which are more accurate).
    - Texture update for Golden Buckler & Royal Guard.
    - Removed team-color textures for units that had them (they looked out of place, and lifebars serve the same role).
    - Fixed Harpy missile vfx
    - Mesh projectiles now disappear faster (Lizard, Cannoneer, Quill Shooter, Ranger, Tempest Machine Gunner, Leviathan Bombardier)
    - Fixed arrow graphics for Hero-style legion spells (they weren't showing up properly)

    - Improved sounds when many sounds of the same type are playing at once: now won't play more than 5 of the same sound type per player in the span of ~1 second.
    - Fixed a bug where reroll sound played twice

    Avatars, Badges, and Icons
    - New unranked icon
    - New badge for LIHL first place winners
    - Improved icons for Safety Aura, Leadership Aura, Deflection, Giant Slayer, Death Stare, and Cleave

    SafetyAura.png LeadershipAura.png Deflection.png GiantSlayer.png DeathStare.png Cleave.png

    - Now displays a chat message to everyone when someone finds a card

    - Graphics: Added an option for "Confine cursor to screen" - "Confine in-game only." Thank you to SivHD for the suggestion
    - Graphics: Removed "Background FPS" option. It was causing more trouble than it is worth.
    - Audio: "Mute sound on minimize" is now default off, rather than on. This won't affect any current players.
    - Interface: Removed "Lock Camera" hotkey. It was causing more trouble than it is worth.
    - Interface: Added an option for "Window Focus Grabbing" to toggle on/off window focus grabbing, or have it for Match Found only.

    Window Focus Grabbing
    - Disabled focus grab for entering loading screen (it seemed redundant to grab focus when it already grabbed focus for Match Found and once you entered in-game)
    - Disabled focus grab when a non-friend invites you to party (now only grabs it if the inviter was a friend)

    Player Mutes
    - Removed "Allow pings from muted players" option - pings from muted players are now always allowed
    - In the tab scoreboard, you can now mute or unmute pings from individual players

    Match Ties
    - Fixed a bug where match ties would wrongly trigger if you had workers in the queue (but none trained yet)

    - Fixed a bug in Match History where non-English languages didn't display the date properly
    - Fixed a bug where translation texts that were an empty space (" ") didn't fallback to English. Now they do.
    - Fixed a bug when changing language in-game, unit tooltips wouldn't render in the newly selected language
    - Fixed Report Player dropdown texts
    - In-game 3D fonts now match the UI font (such as bounty texts, mousing over lane markers, etc)
    - Fixed a variety of hardcoded texts to be localized now
    - Fixed Power Score text wrapping when it wasn't supposed to, with large fonts

    - Optimized Mercenary Window by disabling countdown timer logic (since we no longer have stock timers). This should significantly improve performance for certain systems as well as potentially fix some crashes

    - Fixed a bug where player profiles didn’t load when certain PlayFab services were unavailable
    - Fixed a rare bug where chat would become no longer toggleable
    - Fixed a bug where some matches went "missing" where they wouldn't update ratings/show up in match history
    - Fixed a performance issue that caused some instability for some players at the Victory/Defeat screen (Snapshot is now paused as soon as the game is over)
    - Fixed a bug where quitting a game didn't clean up environmental effects, like desert dust & light shafts, which may have resuled in some glitches
    - "greedisgood" command no longer replenishes mercenary stock (to prevent abuse cases). Also disabled "thedudeabides" command

    - Fixed a bug where /signup command wasn't loading peakElo properly (it would wrongly load as 0)

    Debug Commands
    - Fixed a bug with "-open X" when testing in 4v4 map where the game would become unstable (creeps would ignore pathing, etc.)

    Game Balance

    Legion Spells

    Villain green_arrow.png
    - Damage amplification 27% (15% for ranged) -> 28% (16% for ranged)
    - Damage amplification duration: 1.5 seconds -> 3 seconds
    - Now only applies once for all units (no longer works on bounced and split attacks)

    While Villain was fun on units like Masked Spirit, it was overpowered and prevented it from being viable on most other ranged units

    Magician red_arrow.png
    - Bonus mana regeneration and mana gain: 25% -> 24%

    Sorcerer red_arrow.png
    - Bonus ability damage: 25% -> 24%


    Dark Mage green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mind Warp
    -- Attack speed: 40% -> 30%
    -- Mana cost: 11 -> 8
    -- Now much smarter about not double-buffing the same target

    Proton green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 200 -> 180
    - Damage: 7 -> 8
    - Range: 250 -> 300

    Atom green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 920 -> 810
    - Damage: 31 -> 36
    - Range: 250 -> 300

    Chained Fist green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.81 -> 0.74
    - Unchained Rage: Attack speed bonus: 150% -> 250%

    Oathbreaker green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.81 -> 0.74
    - Unchained Rage: Attack speed bonus: 150% -> 250%

    Stronger on early waves when taking partial aggro. Oathbreaker is now a viable opening.

    Pyro green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.235 -> 1.22
    - Range: 250 -> 300

    A number of ranged units this patch are getting small range increases. The game has too many short-ranged units, which causes battles to look like a mosh pit.

    Gargoyle green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 230 -> 290
    - Stone Skin: Damage reduction: 50% -> 1 + 30%

    Green Devil green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 690 -> 900
    - Attack speed: 1.3 -> 1.37
    - Granite Skin: Damage reduction: 60% -> 2 + 40%

    - Stronger early game, where a low-cost arcane should shine. Green Devil was previously hard to use early game because its magic damage made it weak against wave 7, and it was only okay on wave 8, given its weakness on waves 9-12.
    - Increased viability of Green Devil opening
    - Less broken with Lost Chieftain spam

    AquaSpirit.png RogueWave.png FireElemental.png
    Aqua Spirit / Rogue Wave / Fire Elemental green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.74 -> 0.73
    - Bounce range: 400 -> 550

    Now more consistently hit backline mercenaries, as intended

    Angler green_arrow.png
    - Health: 430 -> 440

    Bounty Hunter red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.91 -> 0.89

    Shifting a small amount of power from Bounty Hunter to Angler

    Harpy.png SkyQueen.png
    Harpy/Sky Queen green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 450

    This is not a strict buff because the higher range results in slightly less mana from Acrobatics

    SacredSteed.png Pegasus.png
    Sacred Steed / Pegasus green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mana Blessing: Maximum mana gained per target: 1.5 -> 1
    - Mana Miracle: Maximum mana gained per target: 4.5 -> 3
    - Adjusted mana cost and regen values of various units to buff the following synergies: +200% Proton, +150% Zeus, +100% Atom and Head Chef, +33% Great Boar and Red Eyes

    This makes buffing multiple units more viable, rather than only buffing one unit

    Tempest green_arrow.png
    - Range: 250 -> 300

    Leviathan green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2150 -> 2000
    - Range: 250 -> 300
    - Bombardier: Damage: 100 -> 80
    - Aerial Command: The 18% bonus damage now also affects ability damage (including Bombardier)

    Stronger with Tempests, Violets, and 2x Leviathans

    Violet red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.925 -> 0.9

    Despite previous nerfs, Violet remains statistically one the strongest units in the game, particularly in high-rated games. It has the 3rd highest win rate and 6th highest pick rate. The Leviathan change is also an indirect buff

    Eternal Wanderer red_arrow.png
    - Health: 800 -> 790
    - Attack speed: 0.833 -> 0.82

    Eternal Wanderer has a high win rate and pick rate and is out-performing Mudman

    Mudman.png Golem.png
    Mudman/Golem green_arrow.png
    - Harden: 15% damage reduction -> 2 + 15% damage reduction

    APS green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1000 -> 830
    - Attack speed: 1.12 -> 1.27
    - Range: 200 -> 400

    MPS green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2400 -> 2020
    - Attack speed: 1.12 -> 1.27
    - Range: 200 -> 400

    Yozora green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1150 -> 1470
    - Nimble Feet: Dodge percent: 40% -> 25%

    Arctaire green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 3270 -> 4180
    - Nimble Feet: Dodge percent: 40% -> 25%

    Slightly stronger on its own; less broken with Lost Chieftain spam

    Lost Chieftain green_arrow.png
    - Gaia Shield: Health gain: 1100 -> 1250

    Stronger with every unit except Gargoyle, Green Devil, Yozora, and Arctaire

    Grarl red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 78 -> 76

    Grarl is arguably the strongest roll in the game, due to its versatility. Delicacy (90% sell) is fun and allows for interesting strategies, so we're nerfing Grarl's stats instead Delicacy.

    King Claw green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 140 -> 125
    - Shell Shock: Mana cost: 11 -> 8

    Priestess of the Abyss green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1410 -> 970
    - Damage: 38 -> 24
    - Attack speed: 0.94 -> 0.92
    - New ability: Invigorate: Increases attack speed by 100% and heals for 15% missing health/sec for 5 seconds
    - Burst Attack: The 2 extra attacks now properly count as ability damage

    Berserker green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2120 -> 2150

    Fatalizer green_arrow.png
    - Health: 5910 -> 6000

    Fire Lord green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1800 -> 1820

    Fenix green_arrow.png
    - Health: 4100 -> 4150

    Millennium.png DoomsdayMachine.png
    Millennium / Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 550
    - Explosive Shells / Detonation: Now deals splash damage if Millennium / Doomsday Machine attacked a target that died during travel time

    Lord of Death green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 500
    - Undead Dragon: Range: 250 -> 350

    Hades green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 500

    Soul Gate green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Healing from Ocean Templar’s Resonance: 1% max health -> 0.5% max health
    - Hellion: Health: 1320 -> 1000
    - Hellion: Damage: 53 -> 60
    - Nightcrawler: Health: 660 -> 500
    - Nightcrawler: Damage: 53 -> 60

    Hell Gate green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Healing from Ocean Templar’s Resonance: 1% max health -> 0.5% max health
    - Elite Hellion: Health: 3300 -> 2500
    - Elite Hellion: Damage: 106 -> 120
    - Elite Nightcrawler: Health: 1650 -> 1250
    - Elite Nightcrawler: Damage: 106 -> 120

    Less abusive with Ocean Templar, weaker in base races, and more reliant on having tanks

    Hydra red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2790 -> 2730
    - Hydraling: Health: 930 -> 910


    Cannoneer green_arrow.png
    - Range: 500 -> 550

    The range of ranged mercenaries is being standardized to 550 to create more consistent targeting and to increase viability on wave 11

    Safety Mole green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1260 -> 1460
    - Damage: 61 -> 71
    - Safety Aura: Damage reduction: 5 -> 4
    - Safety Aura: No longer affects the king, which disproportionately reduced the damage of Immolation on early game waves

    Still strong against low-damage units, but no longer completely cripples them. Also, now a more versatile option early game.

    Drake green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 550

    Mimic green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2200 -> 2150
    - Attack speed: 1.05 -> 1.02
    - New ability: Plunder: +3 gold each time it kills a unit
    - Income: 48 -> 45

    Mimic is now stronger against lots of units, rather than just being an over-statted pierce damage dealer

    Pack Leader green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1800 -> 2000
    - Damage: 92 -> 102
    - Leadership Aura: Damage bonus: 8 (16 to bosses) -> 7 (14 to bosses)

    A bit stronger early game and weaker late game. Pack Leader is currently overshadowed by Mimic or Brutes on most early game waves, then becomes a must-send late game

    Witch green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 550
    - Froggo: Range: 250 -> 400

    Ghost Knight green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2400 -> 3150
    - Damage: 165 -> 185
    - Ghostwalker: Reduction from autoattack damage: 50% -> 30%

    Ghost Knight was previously balanced around its optimal use case, which made it a trap most of the time. It’s now stronger against small amounts of ability damage or when kited.

    Four Eyes green_arrow.png
    - Range: 400 -> 550

    Centaur green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 220 -> 110
    - Attack speed: 0.93 -> 1.52
    - New ability: Cleave: Each attack deals 20% damage to up to 5 enemies

    Make Centaur cleave again

    - DPS (single target): 204 -> 167
    - DPS (total): 204 -> 333

    Siege Ram green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 5650 -> 5400
    - New ability: Deflection: Takes 15% reduced damage from ranged autoattacks

    Now fills a more interesting niche, rather than being a glorified Dino

    Shaman green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2700 -> 2900
    - DPS: 114 -> 126
    -- Damage: 105 -> 110
    -- Attack speed: 1.09 -> 1.15
    - Range: 450 -> 550
    - Blood Rush: 10% attack speed + 50 damage -> 10% attack speed + 40 damage

    Shaman was often the optimal mercenary late game, regardless of the opponent’s build


    (19) Dire Toads green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 2.56 -> 2.63

    (20) Maccabeus green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 155 -> 160

    Buffing to compensate for Shaman nerf

    (21) Legion Lords green_arrow.png
    - Legion Lord
    -- Damage: 100 -> 110
    -- Attack speed: 2.38 -> 2.5
    -- Bounty: 0 -> 24
    - Legion King
    -- Damage: 500 -> 550
    -- Attack speed: 2.38 -> 2.5
    -- Bounty: 0 -> 120
    - Bounty from mercenaries enabled
    - Pillage (gold from damaging king) enabled
    - Preparation time between waves: 10 seconds -> 25 seconds

    It’s now viable to send on the first wave of 21 in most games. This discourages “suicide pushing” (where one player only gets workers) by reducing the amount of time those workers generate mythium and punishing non-lethal leaks on 21.
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    I love how mimic became arguably the best anti-spam, did not see that coming! The real centaur back and... Elite archer :cool: the moment everyone who played LTD1 has been waiting for :D Nice visual improvements, I'm curious about the stun-spell. It surely will add some life to the game.

    Am I missing the 'see enemy team'-option in here?

    Without going into a host of details, because there are many, I am very curious to try everything out. Much to look forward to in the new season! :D
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2020
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  3. Yammer

    Yammer Member

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    with centaur changes is he still counting as a tank merc?
  4. iWumbo

    iWumbo Member

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    Without the -ratings command there is afaik no possibilty to check if your enemies queued up solo or as a duo. Please correct me if i'm wrong. This information highly impacted my game style until now. Please add this information to the interface

    Great patch overall!
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  5. Ceeboz

    Ceeboz Member

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    I want Lost Chieftain back to normal! Please like this comment if you don't like the lastest change of his mana. I do not upgrade to lost chieftain anymore.. I hope i'm not alone on this one.
  6. Bonny

    Bonny Member

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  7. GvR Mr Mister

    GvR Mr Mister Member

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    My Love <3
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  8. Darktarant

    Darktarant Member

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    giving 10 times attack spped surely this is a nerf :^D
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  9. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Thanks, Mick. That feature is postponed for now.
    Yes. In the future, if we add another natural tank to the game, we can consider bringing back Centaur as a DPS mercenary.
    Will have to confirm, but I think duos would still show in the loading screen.
    Awesome patch review, Bonny! I watched the whole thing, as usual. To answer a few of your questions:

    - Elite Archer does not satisfy the arcane guarantee for Mastermind
    - The damage on Leviathan isn't really nerfed. Aerial Command affects its own ability. 1 Leviathan = 80 x 1.18 = 94. 2 Leviathans = 80 x 1.18 x 1.18 = 111. I've clarified this in the patch notes.
    - Unfortunately, Buzz and Consort are not amplified affected by Aerial Command because of a technical limitation. This is something we'd like to fix in the future.
    Fixed, thank you!
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  10. Seraphin

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    Here I am !! The come back ! Sorry some personal things recently and needed a break.

    That's actually a great new season that I cannot wait to test ! :D :D As always, a great job from you all.
    See you soon in the game ;)
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  11. Darktarant

    Darktarant Member

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    there is nothing to show you are up vs duo in loading screen anymore
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  12. A.Crowley

    A.Crowley Member

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    I thought I saw (D) on opponents during a load, but I didn't see it for myself when I was in a party. I'll pay closer attention next time and see if you're right
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  13. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    I was watching a Legion TD 2 stream yesterday, and it showed a duo in the loading screen. Seems like there's a bug - we'll look into it and also discuss the implications of your concern. Thanks for bringing it up.
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  14. Darktarant

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    i wrote my message when i were loading into a game which looked like our opponents were duo (because both of them had less elo than me and my teammate and when i wrote -ratings in game it confirmed they were duo but there was no (D)
  15. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Confirmed it's a bug. Will be fixed this coming patch. Duos will show in the loading screen. @iWumbo
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  16. krA

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    The patch notes look great. Legion TD constantly improved over time. Great work! I'm hyped for the new season. Does somebody know details regarding the "soft reset" of the ladder?
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  17. Boris

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    Probably one of the best patch notes ever. Even i struggle to find something imbalanced, maybe king claw will have a bit too much casts per battle of his spell, not to mention if you have mana boost synergies. Perhaps nerfing the spell itself a bit. The priestess of the abyss change looks interesting, but it might be either overpowered or too weak, making it still one of the hardest unit to position/build around (if you decide to use it early game). The Sorcerer and Magician nerfs look a bit troll-ish. Perhaps Magician needs a bit more nerf as i'm pretty sure it's one of the most picked legion spells.

    I'm also very happy for the Elite Archer comeback, i've been thinking that you might introduce it at some point, but didn't think it would be part of the Divine legion, especially with this design. All the units except Steed/Pegasis from Divine look like trinkets/jewelry and you know...EA was probably the most loved unit in LTD1. But let's hope there will be some skin options later on when you bring up the shop.
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  18. Jules

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    Thanks, krA! The exact formula isn't public, but it involves decreasing everyone and moving everyone towards the center (average).
    Thanks, Boris! Good point about Priestess; she's the unit I'm most worried about in terms of being too strong or too difficult to position. Regarding Magician, I figured a 4% nerf (1/25) was a good place to start, but you're probably right that it needs harsher nerfs.
  19. foliesseer

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    I've been away for a week or two, and I come back to some amazing patch notes.. Grarl Nerfs, Priestess changes I want to try out, Mimic is now a sick unit, Centaur cleaves again(!!), new Legion Spells and an amazing health bar rework. Also please wait with reverting/nerfing Millenium Buffs until after I reach Grandmaster :p:p
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  20. HBK Alpha

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    Is there anyway to revert back to the original health bars? Other than turning off segments I havent been able to find any setting to bring it back. I dont really like the invisible/very hidden health bars for the enemy units.