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[6.01.4] Still had old roll in next game with no units in the hotbar

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by jitsuc4, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. jitsuc4

    jitsuc4 Moderator

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    I was able to choose my roll for the game, but after that the hotbar remained empty. I tried to build a unit via hotkey and it chose the T1 from the previous game (chained fist, which wasn't in my roll this game). Tried to restart but didn't get back in time. Next game after restart was fine again.

    jitsuc4 Rolls: |img(Icons/BoneWarrior.png)|img(Icons/Proton.png)|img(Icons/Angler.png)|img(Icons/GoldenBuckler.png)|img(Icons/Ranger.png)|img(Icons/Nekomata.png)|img(Icons/Windhawk.png)|img(Icons/SeaSerpent.png)|img(Icons/DesertPilgrim.png)|img(Icons/BananaBunk.png)

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