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7.03: Radiant Halo, Arc of Justice

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    New fighters: Radiant Halo & Arc of Justice


    Radiant Halo
    - Gold cost: 200
    - Attack type: Pure
    - Defense type: Fortified
    - Health: 1200
    - Damage: 45
    - Attack speed: 1.11
    - Attack range: 650

    Particle Wave
    Deals 9 bonus pure damage (3 against bosses) for each consecutive attack against the same target

    Solar Flare
    Solar Flare: Gains 100% attack speed for 5 seconds

    via Sketchfab


    Arc of Justice
    - Upgrade cost: 345
    - Attack type: Pure
    - Defense type: Fortified
    - Health: 3250
    - Damage: 122
    - Attack speed: 1.11
    - Attack range: 650

    Purification Beam

    Deals 24 bonus pure damage (8 against bosses) for each consecutive attack against the same target

    Solar Flare
    Solar Flare: Gains 100% attack speed for 5 seconds

    via Sketchfab

    New skin: Cryo Fenix


    Game Improvements

    Pathing & Targeting
    - Fixed a bug where wave enemies would sometimes approach towards Sea Serpents that were burrowed (thank you Pennywise and Shadowings for the bug report and video)
    - Fixed some cases of ranged units running too far forward instead of keeping their distance

    Dark Mage
    - Fixed a bug where Mind Warp casted on the second highest priority unit in some cases instead of the highest priority unit

    Account Progression
    - Tripled experience gain for all players level 7 and higher. Enjoy the much faster level ups!

    Quality of Life
    - HUD: Added some convenient calculations to the Gold mouseover tooltip
    - Sandbox Mode: Press Shift+B to open the Legion Select menu (easier than typing -builder X)

    Other Fixes & Improvements
    - Profile: Fixed a bug where clicking Match History immediately after loading a Profile wouldn't load the results
    - Loading Screen: Updated various tips
    - Postgame Graphs: Fixed a variety of bugs where certain graphs weren't lined up properly or had zero-values when they shouldn't have
    - Guild Invites & Custom Game Invites: Fixed a bug where pressing Back wouldn't load the correct popup again
    - Weekly Challenge: Fixed a bug with Orchid gold refund for Shuriken Cyclone
    - Tab Scoreboard: Fixed a bug where enemy Legion Spells (like Hero, Sorcerer, etc.) would be shown on Wave 11 when they shouldn't have been shown until the next wave
    - Mastermind Lock-In: Improved game message to show which fighter you locked-in
    - Unit Hitboxes: Fixed a bug where box selection and other unit hitbox dependent interactions sometimes didn't work
    - Reconnecting: Fixed some bugs with wave timer & Legion Spells
    - Power Score Scoreboard: Text now shrinks if too wide, instead of wrapping to a new line
    - Target Frame: Fixed a bug where UI would break if a unit name was too long (like Machine de l'Apocalypse)
    - VFX: Fixed a bug where some VFX would fly across the screen
    - VFX: Fixed a bug with Pulverizer VFX that made it sometimes flicker

    Game Balance

    - Shutdown bounties reduced by 30%, but players now go on fire faster
    - Shutdown bounties are now in increments of 25 gold instead of 50
    - Reduced the weight of mythium on power score to reduce cases where saving mythium wrongly caused you to go on fire
    - In 4v4 only, players who are ahead receive less shutdown gold, and players who are behind receive more shutdown gold

    By the time a team went on fire, the game was often already decided. Now the winning team will go on fire faster, but the bounty is 25 instead of 50. It also takes a 30% bigger lead than before to accumulate the same bounty

    - Low durability melee units no longer have their defense type counted for the randomizer. Affected units: Looter, Sea Serpent, Nightmare. This means Nightmare will no longer be your only swift or natural defense

    Hybrid green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Tier 3 cost: 81 >> 80
    - Tier 5 cost: 177 >> 179

    Legion Spells

    Investment green_arrow.png
    - Income: +34 >> +36

    Loan red_arrow.png
    - Income: -34 >> -36

    Sorcerer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Sorcery: +17% ability damage aura >> +50% ability damage to one unit

    Sorcerer often warped the game, giving a significant advantage to the team that could better utilize it. It's now stronger up front, but has less upside and no longer forces your entire build to revolve around it


    Green Devil red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 48 >> 47

    No longer perfectly 2-shots wave 3. Green Devil has a 52.5% win rate, high pick and usage rates, and is indirectly buffed by the changes to waves 7 and 9. A nerf is needed.

    Canopie green_arrow.png
    - Health: 4500 >> 4600

    Leviathan green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 65 >> 68

    Elite Archer green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.97 >> 0.99

    Trinity Archer green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.97 >> 0.99

    Desert Pilgrim green_arrow.png
    - Chain Heal: 115 >> 120

    Lost Chieftain green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 185 >> 195

    Whitemane green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 4300 >> 4600
    - Damage: 180 >> 181
    - Council: Damage reduction 5 + 15% (25% for Antlers) >> 5 + 10% (25% for Antlers)

    Slightly buffed on its own and with Antler. Otherwise, nerfed.

    King Claw red_arrow.png
    - Shell Shock: Attack speed reduction: 10% (5% to bosses) >> 5%

    Hydra red_arrow.png
    - Damage and damage reduction penalty per stack of hatching early: -17.5% >> -20%

    Encouraging players to protect their Eggsacks

    Millennium red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2170 >> 2100
    - Explosive Shells: Damage: 50 >> 40

    Doomsday Machine red_arrow.png
    - Health: 5350 >> 5170
    - Detonation: Damage: 120 >> 100

    After the recent attack speed buffs, these abilities have become too strong

    Hades green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Raise Imp: Removed
    - New ability: Summon Thanatos
    - Mana cost: 25 >> 60
    - Mana regeneration: 1 >> 1.15
    - Imp >> Thanatos
    -- Health: 1600 >> 2030
    -- DPS: 112 >> 200
    -- Range: 100 >> 350

    Hades was causing too much lag and, as cute as Imps were, they just didn't feel epic enough for an upgraded tier 6. We’re replacing Imp with a more powerful summon: Thanatos.



    (6) Rockos red_arrow.png
    - King damage on wave 6 increased by 5%

    (7) Sludges green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Sludges: DPS: 27.8 >> 27.6
    -- Damage: 40 >> 28
    -- Attack speed: 0.69 >> 0.99
    - Blobs: DPS: 6.95 >> 6.9
    -- Damage: 10 >> 7
    -- Attack speed: 0.69 >> 0.99

    (9) Carapaces green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - DPS: 34.8 >> 34.6
    -- Damage: 47 >> 33
    -- Attack speed: 0.74 >> 1.05

    Right now, Brutes and other sends are almost always better than Pack Leader on waves 7 and 9. This change makes Pack Leader a more competitive option.

    (16) Cardinals red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.2 >> 1.19

    (17) Metal Dragons green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.69 >> 1.74

    (18) Wale Chiefs red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.333 >> 1.316

    (19) Dire Toads green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 2.78 >> 2.82

    (20) Maccabeus green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 160 >> 170
    - 4v4 only: +8% damage reduction

    Returning Maccabeus to its former glory
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  2. IQ_999

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    Cool patch so far.
    What I like:
    -nerfs to shutdown, gd, milennium, hydra
    -EXP - increase

    What is rlly interesting:
    -changes to wave 7 and 9 - packleader will be really big
    -change of Hades (does thanatos has a selfheal ability like imps and drake before?

    What could cause issues:

    -Sorcerer! Actually this can be the most valuable spell and it needed a rework. This rework might bring up the same "problems" that we had with pulverizer in the beginning. 50% means on deathcap 197,5 value instantly. This is no doubt strongest sorcerer tower since all its power is abilitydmg. So to have it balanced hon deathcap, it will be useless on all other units. Thats the same problem we had on pulver before - good on doppelgaenger and maybe zues - useless on rest. Maybe the next rework should bring up a 2nd attribute buffed to a singleunit like it was with pulverizer - now pulverizer is in a good spot.
    2nd attributes could be as well attackspeed/manareg/HPreg/ or probably a critchance?^^ But i think trying to balance this on mag dps only would either end up too strong for deathcap - or ok for deathcap and useless for all others.

    Any chance to exclude new not yet balanced units or freshly reworked ones (like hades) from customgames for tournaments? Especially with lockin - an imbalanced unit would destroy tournament experience. (and usually they are rather too strong than too weak on release)

    Thx for patch, rlly looking forward to it.
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  3. Bonny

    Bonny Member

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    The new unit ramps up like Berzerker unlike I say in this video.
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  4. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    • Yes, Thanatos has the self-heal.
    • It's not +197.5 value on Deathcap. +50% DPS on a unit =/= +50% value
    • Imo, Sorcerer will be strong on Deathcap, Trinity Archer, Azeria, Starcaller, and Banana Haven, balanced on Arc of Justice, Doomsday Machine, and Red Eyes, and viable on Pyro, Violet, Hell Raiser, Fire Elemental, Leviathan, King Claw, and Fatalizer.
    • Being able to disable units for tournaments is a nice idea, though we probably can't prioritize it right now. We do our best not to release new units immediately before a big tournament.
    • Green Devil has 2 flat damage reduction
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  5. Lisk

    Lisk Director Staff Member

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    Various fixes & Green Devil tweak
    • Green Devil reverted to pre-v7.03, but with a slight HP nerf (900 -> 870)
    • Fixed some rendering issues dealing with lag compensation
    • Fixed a display-only bug where Shutdown Gold message & sound effect sometimes didn't show up
    • Fixed a display-only bug where a "too soon" warning message would mistakenly be displayed to all players (instead of one player) when you type -damage/etc. commands too quickly
    • Fixed a bug where the Rank Up popup would show even after you already received it that season
    • Fixed a bug in Classic where the income autobalancer would cancel out Chaos/Hybrid income bonuses
    • Fixed a rare bug where a server would fail to start, resulting in players being stuck on Match Found
    • Fixed a bug where Tab Scoreboard went blank for 1-2 seconds when the wave started/ended
    • Fixed some cases where Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler didn't play the correct Burrow animation

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  6. Lisk

    Lisk Director Staff Member

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    • Fixed a bug where units would sometimes not target a high priority (low life) target, usually when that unit came from far away (a split)
    • Fixed a HUD bug with the Estimated Gold tooltip not updating income when you hired a mercenary
  7. Lisk

    Lisk Director Staff Member

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    Lots of development going on behind the scenes, but in the meantime, a small fix/performance patch.

    • Fixed a display-only bug where units would drift, especially on the 4v4 map
    • Improved performance when wave starts (still a lot of improvements to be made in the future) (Implemented some caching for black mask)
    • Improved overall performance (various fixes & rendering changes)