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A simple step by step guide to setup automatic video recording + upload

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by EpvpDani, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Hey guys. For bug reports it's sometimes difficult to explain a bug with screenshots because you want to report something that happens over the time instead at a specific point of time. For these cases there is a simple Solution: Plays.tv.
    Plays.tv is a website made for (short) videoclips. You just need to download their client, setup a few things and from then on it will automaticly start recording in the background while you play.
    After you close your game you will be able to edit a clip with simple tools and upload it directly to their servers. Just make sure that the plays.tv client is running before launching the game.

    Step 1: Download & Install the client

    Download the client here and execute the installer: http://plays.tv/download
    While downloading or installing you can create an account here: https://plays.tv/signup
    Personally I just signed in with my Twitch account, feel free to either sign up a new account or use the one-click registrations (with steam, facebook, twitch, etc.)

    Step 2: Setup the client

    After the client is running and you signed into your account within the client go to the preferences:


    After you're in the preferences window, navigate to "Advanced" and select the folder you want to save video recordings and a temporary location for unused video material. (Helpfull if you have a SSD, you might want to save on another disk if you don't have enough space)
    It should look like this:


    Scroll down to the last Section "Detected games", click the blue "Add" button and navigate to the Legion TD 2 installation path (Path\To\Steam\steamapps\common\Legion TD 2) and select the "Legion TD 2.exe":


    Make sure to check out all options, I am just covering the stuff that you need to record LTD2. For example I disabled my Microphone input here:

    Now you have successfully setup the client and are ready to record games!

    Step 3: Recording & Uploading

    When you launch the game there should be some popup on the top left corner that says "Plays.tv is now recording" or something like that. Might take some time until it loads (few seconds for me).
    After you finished playing, close the game and check your plays.tv client, there should be an "Unknown" Playsession on the left sidebar:


    Click it and you should get to a window with a videoplayback. Now just get to the point that you want to crop out on the video timeline and add an marker (click below the red point on "insert bookmark":


    Now you can edit your clip on the bottom (zoomed timeline). Expand the left or right margin of the yellow border to set start and end point. The length of the clip will be shown on the top right corner of the border:


    When you're done with editing the clip press "Share". Now set the title of the video in the top textinput and set the game to "Legion TD 2 Alpha" (it's not registered yet). Please make sure to take a video title that explains the bug. For example a good title would be "Bug Report: Units not moving after wave starts" and a bad one would be "Bug report". Also make sure to set the video to "Unlisted" because otherwise it will be posted public on plays.tv and everyone can see it in your uploads + it could be posted on the front page and I'm not sure if we want bug reports video public on the front page of a site. By default this option is set to public so please remember switching it off each time you share a clip.


    Hints, Tips & Tricks
    When you're ingame you can press an assigned hotkey (by default your "Home" Key (or "Pos1" on german Keyboard layout) to set a marker in your session. This is helpfull if you have longer games with multiple bugs. As soon as you notice something weird just press that hotkey and you will see bookmarks already setup as starting points for your clips.
    You can Setup the hotkey under the preferences -> Video -> Gameplay Recording General (first thing you will see when you go to the options)

    Not related to recording but it's also helpfull to create a shortcut link of the logs folder on your desktop so you don't have to navigate there each time you wanna upload logs.

    I hope this guide is helpful for new testers, if you still have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave it here!
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