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Alpha v1.43

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    v1.43 Patch Notes
    Deployed 2017.8.30.1002

    Balance-only patch. Feature patch coming soon.

    Game Balance

    Primary Goals
    - Bring classes closer in line. Tanks and melee ground fighters were underperforming compared to ranged DPS and hovering/flying fighters.
    - Make Element feel better and not struggle so much against waves 7 and 10

    - Preparation time now scales from 30 to 40 seconds instead of 33 to 36

    - Fixed a bug where the King could be buffed by certain abilities


    Aqua Spirit
    - DPS increased to 18.4 from 17.6
    - Attack type changed to Pierce from Magic
    - Attack projectile speed increased to 1500 from 1000
    - Bounce projectile speed increased to 1000 from 300

    Rogue Wave
    - Health increased to 1120 from 1080
    - Attack type changed to Pierce from Magic
    - Attack projectile speed increased to 1500 from 1000
    - Bounce projectile speed increase to 1000 from 600

    Fire Elemental
    - Health increased to 1280 from 1230
    - Attack type changed to Pierce from Magic
    - Attack projectile speed increased to 1500 from 1000
    - Bounce projectile speed increase to 1000 from 600

    - Attack type changed to Impact from Pierce
    - DPS decreased to from 42.7 from 43.2

    - Attack type changed to Impact from Pierce

    - Health increased to 1740 from 1700

    - Health increased to 4830 from 4720

    Fire Lord

    - Attack type changed to Magic from Impact

    - Attack type changed to Magic from Impact


    Dark Mage
    - DPS decreased to 30.2 from 31.1

    Green Devil
    - DPS increased to 63 from 61.5

    Butcher/Head Chef
    - Fixed a bug where Leech and Cannibalism caused Chaos Hounds, Undead Dragons, and Imps to not degenerate properly

    - DPS decreased to 126.9 from 129.4

    - DPS decreased to 252.9 from 258


    - Health decreased to 790 from 800

    - DPS decreased to 25 from 25.4

    - Movement type changed to ground from hovering
    - Health increased to 850 from 830
    - DPS increased to 50.9 from 50

    - DPS decreased to 142.9 from 144

    - Fragrance area of effect increased to 225 from 200

    - Noxious scent area of effect increased to 225 from 200

    - Health increased to 2260 from 2230


    - Health increased to 1230 from 1220

    - DPS decreased to 29.6 from 29.9
    - Attack projectile speed increased to 2500 from 2000

    - Health increased to 2500 from 2340

    - Health increased to 950 from 940

    - Health increased to 3100 from 3050
    - DPS increased to 115 from 113


    (3) Hoppers
    - DPS increased to 7.6 from 7.3

    (5) Scorpions
    - Scorpion DPS increased to 16 from 15.6
    - Scorpion King DPS increased to 63.8 from 62.5

    (6) Rockos
    - DPS increased to 33.9 from 33.1

    (8) Kobras
    - Health increased to 530 from 520

    (9) Carapaces
    - DPS increased to 31.7 from 30.9

    (11) Quill Shooter
    - Health increased to 810 from 800
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  2. deutscherhawk

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    Aqua love!
  3. holepercent

    holepercent Member

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    Looking to test out the element buffs!
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  4. von Oberstain

    von Oberstain Member

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    And again, there was none...

    ...upgrades for Peewee, sorely needed! Poor poor, Peewees, unfavoured by the Gods, were left untouched, after being nerfed too many times.

    PPP (as a short for Poor Poor Peewee) is a primarily defensive unit which is unfavoured by both accounts on w1, then 'just' by defense type at w2 - say 3/4th value of PPP comes from defense, so this means very little, only definitely good matchup is w3, then unfavourable till 7th.

    As a design, PPP is a unit that absolutely needs to be massed, and soak the dps dispersed over several of them. As a single unit, or in low quantities - it's not useful. In both Mech and MM builds, having unit that is useful in one wave and after 7th (where tier1 have little value, and things go worse later), it's nearly useless (and mostly rerolled in MM - hope you guys have statistics on that).

    Compared to, say, Proton (which I don't consider best tier1 at all), PPP costs 20% more, and worths ~10% more at the starting levels, with strong handicap on w1 and w2.

    Back to Mech as a race (expensive, but powerful) - they need to income quickly to be able to pay those expensive upgrades (or units).

    As a solution for PPP, I see either overpowering it on purpose, with easier time on starting levels and allowing more income, or changing the armour type (natural? would give mostly advantage on starting levels) and adjusting it.
  5. xanarot

    xanarot Member

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    Would be great if the future changes could be brought in attackspeed or damage changes rather than only calling it dps. That makes it a lot easier to determine if the changes are just balance (i.e. you need 1 more unit for lvl10) or game-changing (wave 2 takes 3 shots instead of 2, you're now screwed if its the starter unit).
    Also for things like doppelganger, which gets stronger the more death it causes, attack speed changes have a greater effect at endgame than damage adjustments.

    Not sure about the direction on the windhawk change as it sits now. Dealing both magic/impact is a good overall combination as 'swift' armor type then is a weakness, where pierce/magic nicely cancel eachother out. But its exactly the same as zeus as zeus now, the only other unit with 2 damage types. So where before they were a nice combination (either both on 1 roll, or on different lanes so you could back up eachother), now the only units that mix damage types are both doing the exact same thing. Both impact dps with magic proc.
    Also, all secondary effects are magic damage as well it seems (honeyflower..).

    Maybe there should be an additional change, to keep these units apart into different strengths/weaknessess? Or is it intentional, that you want people to choose between those units?
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  6. SecreT_WeaponS

    SecreT_WeaponS Member

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    I played nothing but Element for now.

    I have to say the weakness against 7;10 was only apparent for me in the begining when I didn't have a clue tbh after I found a good build they posed no problem whatsoever the problem was the worker buildup kinda bounced alot with element you had to cut down on worker betwen wave 2-6 but cought up after on wave 9-12, maybe this change fixes that have to try alot now with this many changes at once. - I think that was what you meant with element feels better.
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  7. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Peewee/Veteran are strong against wave 3, which got buffed this patch. They are also very strong against 7 and 14, which are meta waves. Arcane fighters are going to be underappreciated because they are weak against 2/3 of waves, but they are very strong against 1/3 of waves.

    If I just change Peewee/Veteran's defense type, Mech would have no response for most Magic waves. If you have recommendations on how to shuffle around defense types for Mech as a whole, I'd love to hear ideas. One option could be making Peewee Swift and leaving Veteran as Arcane.
    Good point. I'll try to document this in future patches.

    There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a unit's attack/defense type.
    1. How it affects the gameplay/strategy of the legion
    2. How it affects gameplay/strategy in mastermind
    3. How thematically relevant it is (e.g. Mudman probably shouldn't have Swift defense)
    In general, 1 and 3 are more important. 2 is important, but we plan on adding more legions, so it doesn't make sense to compromise 1 or 3 just because two units in the same tier (e.g. Zeus, Violet) have the same attack types. Once we add more legions, there will be a healthy variety of fighters within each tier. Either way, I think Zeus and Violet are sufficiently different. Zeus is ranged, ground, single target, and Swift defense. Violet is melee, flying, multi-target, and Natural defense.

    The primary reason I swapped around the attack types of Aqua Spirit, Windhawk, and Fire Lord is that it leads to better gameplay. Element is now more fun and has better strategic options. The secondary reason is thematic. It didn't make sense that Fire Lord had Impact damage (a change made a while back for gameplay reasons). The third reason is that it helped to differentiate Windhawk and Consort, which were previously similar cost, melee, flying units with the same attack and defense types. Now Windhawk and Consort have different attack types.

    Also worth noting that there are more units than Zeus and Violet that have mixed damage.
    • Rogue Wave - Pierce/Magic
    • Fire Elemental - Pierce/Magic
    • Violet - Impact/Magic
    • Disciple - Magic/Pure
    • Starcaller - Magic/Pure
    • Gateguard - Impact/Pierce
    • Harbinger - Impact/Pierce
    • Hades - Magic/Pierce
    • Buzz - Pierce/Magic
    • Zeus - Impact/Magic
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  8. von Oberstain

    von Oberstain Member

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    "One option could be making Peewee Swift and leaving Veteran as Arcane."

    That was idea, should perhaps emphasized it better. As now, both Peewee and Veteran have exactly same weak/strong waves - Peewee actually would have a reason to be upgraded on magic waves (won't affect balance much, after magic wave Veterans are still there with basically what was before).

    Don't know about Swift, though.