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Aura Cones

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by deutscherhawk, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. deutscherhawk

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    Credit to @CCalmify on discord for the idea.

    I know the new aura system is a subject of debate, but I for one love it, with one small drawback. Sometimes you have to mess up your desired positioning, to ensure a unit gets a buff, and its also rather difficult to ensure that a unit gets more than 1, and extremly difficult to get a unit get more than 2.

    One way we would be able to do this, is to allow a customizeable aura *cone*, such that auras would start off in the default state (buffing every unit that touches), or it coudl have a cone stretching back, forward, left, or right. I think the circle is most difficult placement to make work, so I think it's fair that this default state has an advantage, and the advantage I've developed is that it can buff an extra unit, up to 6, whereas the cones can buff 5. I've attached a few screenshots to show what I mean, and each of these are positions that would desirable to have the cones.

    I do think you need to decide upon placing the unit what aura shape it will have, either circle or cone, and then which direction. As for how to display these options on the UI... well, that i'm not so sure on. Either way, here we go:

    20180328153055_1.jpg 20180328152851_1.jpg 20180328152817_1.jpg
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  2. Akitos

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    Or, and that's a crazy idea I know, why not just give us the old auras back which I never saw anyone complain about?

    ... Since you won't do that anyway, this idea seems fine. The current auras are stupid af and playing mastermind got a lot less fun due to it. Like, I am rarely ever excited about my roll anymore, because whenever I roll multiple auras, they just feel wasted... Can't use them properly anyway. It's just like when you had oracles in LTD1... OP in theory, but in praxis you had to fuck up your positioning too much to make it work, so you ended up not building them most of the time (unless in cross...). Oracles always felt shitty to use (1:1 the aura system that we have now), so I was kinda shocked to see all ltd2 auras be like oracles in the first place D: I tried to be open minded about it, but the more I play the less I like them. Some of my most favourite rolls aren't even playable anymore since the aura change.
  3. Redundant

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    I would prefer the old auras aswell.
    But if that is not possible the cone idea seems like a good middleground