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Best starting strategies.

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Robert Mends, Jul 21, 2018.

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    This is not my guide, all the credit goes to סנאי guy from Steam. I just wanted to advertise it because I think it's awesome.

    While as I am experienced enough to know the builds myself, I think this new "Best starting strategies" guide is excellent for newer players to figure them up and use quicker, therefore making Mastermind easier to pick up.

    The guide tries to cover and explain all the possible Mastermind starts for quick use in-game by just shift-tabbing to the overlay. What I like about it is how easy to access it is. The author is asking for ideas in the comments to expand the guide, so if you want to contribute just write something there.

    To open the guide you can just open the Steam overlay in-game and find "Best starting strategies" there, it should be in the top.

    Here is the direct link if Steam overlay is not accesible to you now:

    My personal opinion is that Legion TD 2 could use more Steam guides because they are way more easier to access by the majority player base that (surprise!) doesn't dwell the forums or thematic websites. Creating these guides will help us keep the many players who will soon join when localization hits. Currently, the steam guides are mostly outdated/have little information. The LForward guide is awesome and covering all game aspects, however I think it lacks pictures for easier readability. The majority of people don't like reading walls of text/following links to videos.

    Overall, we could moving the beginner tips guide, advanced tips guide, builds et cetera et cetera to Steam.
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