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Bot isn't building, 1000+ gold

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by Sakuragi, Jan 11, 2019 at 6:41 PM.

  1. Sakuragi

    Sakuragi Member

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    I upload screen and logs, my mate disconnected on 10 or around it and then reconnected then disconnected again and then the bot didn't builded, I throught it was because my mate reconnected so bot didn't got time to build but nop, bot didn't builded from wave 10 or 13 (sometimes he builded 100g or smthing like this but never full) and kept almost every gold

    Nota Bene : He started to build again at wave 14 btw importent thing to note, I didn't sended from wave 10 to 14 and bot builded after I sended on 14 so maybe it like "refreshed" tre bot ???

    Well gl finding the problem !


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  2. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Thanks for the report, Sakuragi. It's helpful to know that the bot started building again as soon as you sent.