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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SiegeMentality, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. SiegeMentality

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    Are there bots in classic? I played with someone yesterday that claimed two of the players were bots, and I thought that bots were only for casual.
  2. Dimlhugion

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    If the first person in the queue waits more than 2 or 3x their "estimated wait time," the system will attempt to fill their open lobby spots with bots. This applies to Classic mode and is usually MORE pertinent to classic due to there being double the amount of spots per lobby.

    The devs have gone to great lengths to "disguise" the bots however, by giving them psuedo-random names and randomized countries, along with what I suspect to be tiers of AI that help them blend in to the average overall ELO of the human players. And their AI really isn't that bad, either - every time a glaring abuse comes up, Lisk is usually on the ball to fix it. For instance, they now pick legion spells and they will send and/or upgrade the king independantly of the human players unless someone starts using pings. They also are much smarter about using auras and just general unit positioning than they have been in the past.