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Builds for New Players - Atlantean

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by A.Crowley, May 24, 2020.

  1. A.Crowley

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    Get past the first boss (wave 10) without leaking and with a decent economy!

    Here's a build with Atlantean. As you practice with it, you will learn you can usually build less defenders than the guide suggests to get better economy, or build something different and develop your own build!

    I am not claiming this build will make you a champion, but it's proven to get you started strong

    General info: Whenever you have extra gold, push workers. You will soon learn what you can get away with. You will also learn to suspect when big sends are coming so you can build a little extra to survive or when to build less for better economy. Also, don't forget to spend your own mythium to increase your income!

    Also note, these suggestions are to help you not leak even with sends, so often if you don't think you'll have a send, you can often stick with what was recommended the previous round and be OK. As you practice the build, you will figure it out

    Placement is important, so I provide screenshots.

    Wave 1
    First build an Angler, then upgrade it to a Bounty Hunter. Put it all the way to the left side so you can split the wave later.
    This will hold Wave 1 even if you get sent a Snail, and will hold Wave 2 if you get no sends.

    You can build 2 workers before the wave ends. After that, start saving for Wave 3.

    I won't tell you when to build workers anymore, because it is very game-dependent.

    Wave 2
    Next build an Angler directly across from your Bounty Hunter
    This holds Wave 2 with sends up to 40 mythium, and will hold Wave 3 without sends.

    You will need 90 gold at the start of the next wave. So save your gold and spend your mythium!

    (Add your gold + income to know what you will have at the start of the next round. You increase your income by spending mythium)

    Wave 3
    Spend 90 gold on a Sea Serpent.
    This holds Wave 3 with up to 60 mythium worth of sends (might not always kill the mercenaries, but it will clear the wave). It can hold 4 if you get no sends

    Save gold, you will need 95 at the beginning of the next Wave

    Placement is important because certain sends may distract Sea Serpent from where it's needed most. Sea Serpent has a strong attack it uses to ambush enemies! It burrows at the start of the round, then pops up later to strike.

    Wave 4
    Below your Bounty Hunter, build a Pollywog and upgrade it a Seraphin.
    This holds the wave with up to 80 mythium of sends, and can hold 5 if you get no sends.

    Pollywog can also upgrade to a Devilfish. Devilfish have extra health, while Seraphin have stronger attacks. The neat trick about Pollywog upgrades is that before the Wave starts, you can switch the units back and forth for free, depending on what you need during that round.

    This wave we are using the Seraphin for extra damage

    Wave 5 (mini-boss)
    Click on your Angler on the right side, and upgrade it to a Bounty Hunter.
    This holds Wave 5 with sends up to 100 mythium, and can hold 6 without sends

    I recommend saving gold so you can spend 135 for Wave 6 defence

    You might notice your Angler or Bounty Hunter has mana. That is because they collect mana when enemies die around them. It is useful later when you buy the max tier 2 upgrade - the Kingpin does bonus damage for all the mana collected by its earlier forms!

    Wave 6
    Build a Pollywog underneath your Bounty Hunter on the right side. This time, choose the Devilfish upgrade.
    Also add another Angler on the left
    This will hold up to 100 mythium of sends, and can hold 7 without sends.

    Leave the leftside Pollywog as a Seraphin, you need the bonus damage, while the Devilfish is positioned to absorb lots of damage, protecting your other units from big sends.

    Remember: Anytime you are scared of a big send and you have the gold, you can build the next recommended unit(s) early, or anything else you think can help. Also if you are confident you can survive with less, then build workers.

    Wave 7
    Add 3 more Anglers on the left.
    This will hold the wave with up to 100 mythium of sends, and can hold 8 without sends

    Wave 8
    Add another Sea Serpent, as shown.
    Also add a Polywog on the left side for insurance purposes
    This holds up to 100 mythium of sends, plus it can hold 9 without sends

    This time, we want the Sea Serpent positioned to be able to support the right side faster, intercept enemies, or ambush any ranged units attacking your team from a distance. Instead of having to fight through a lot of enemies to get to an enemy attacking from far away, your Sea Serpent can save the day!

    Wave 9
    Get a Grarl on the right side. This holds up to 100 mythium worth of sends. (no, it will NOT hold 10)

    The Grarl is good for this wave and the next, plus it has 2 powerful upgrade options!

    Wave 10 (Boss)
    For the boss, I suggest turning your Seraphin into a Devilfish. You have options here...

    If you think there will be no sends, you can clear this wave by simply adding 4 Anglers along the right side. However, I recommend spending a few more gold and instead upgrading the middle Sea Serpent to a Deep Coiler!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you do expect sends (and you usually should!), I recommend one of these following upgrades (or both!) to dominate the fight:

    Upgrade your Bounty Hunter (the original one,with the most mana) to a KingPin. By now, the bonus damage will be HUGE and will help tremendously!

    OR Upgrade your Grarl to a KingClaw
    KingClaw is strong against the Boss, plus KingClaw has an ability to make enemies attack slower!

    Of course, if you think you will be getting extreme sends, and you have the gold... upgrade all of the above that you can afford - the Deep Coiler, KingPin, and KingClaw!

    F.A.Q. - Why did you switch Seraphin to Devilfish for Wave 10?
    A: Seraphin damage against the boss is very weak. As a Devilfish, it runs up to melee range and absorbs damage from Boss attacks, letting your other units live a little longer to finish the job!

    For Wave 11, I recommend switching your Devilfish both to Seraphin, because that will be more useful. Be aware you can switch them to whatever is better for that particular wave, before it starts

    I hope you liked this guide and that it will help you get started learning the game with Atlantean. Practice with it and make changes as you get better. Have fun!

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  2. Boris

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    Not bad for a begginners guide. I won't go into details of better ways to play Atlantean but if you pick this race, you should consider a Grarl start converting into Hydra. It easily holds a dragon turtle on wave 2 if you add x2 polywogs 3 squares behind the egg. With the right positioning you can hold a brute on 3 with a Seraphin, to protect your egg, but in most cases push workers from wave 2 onwards is always a good idea. Having a Hydra from start is a very strong base and only strong sends on wave 7/8 could (not always) break you. But that's another story.

    I will just make some comments regarding this particular guiide.

    Splits in general work best when you have a strong dps units on the other side, which could be fragile, which is most of the cases with strong dps units. With Atlantean you have a very nice opportunity to make use of Polywog and it's range. If you make 5-6 polys with some distance between them, you will win the same time as if you would using bounty hunter, but for half the gold.

    Here is an example:

    This almost holds x2 brutes on wave 6 (120 mythium send) As a begginner you may not receive a 120 myth send on wave 6, but it's just a nice example of polywog use. As you can see i've made 1 devilfish on the right side, just because it really soaks a lot of damage with it's HP-->gold value. It's not a good idea to invest a lot of gold on the side where you just want to stall the wave. That way you can invest in stronger left side, clearing more efficient and protecting your bounty hunter so that he could gain more stacks.

    A lot of people do a bounty hunter + angler start, so that you can do 1 kingpin (usually around 90-100 mana) for crucial waves like 9 or 10. Then you have the comfort to hold 11 and 12 easy, while your second bounty hunter can reach max mana and then the KP is really strong.
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  3. A.Crowley

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    First off, thanks so much for replying to my post! I always appreciate your opinions and posts on this forum, they are very helpful.

    The build you are referring to already has a guide, found here: https://legiontd2.com/community/thr...uide-build-order-for-classic-atlantean.22117/
    It is a good guide, I am not trying to compete with it. I don't want to recommend something advanced or gimicky for players just learning the game, but early egg is probably much better at high levels of competition for players who know how to adjust.

    I'm not saying my build is the best, but I am offering something different. If there were not many different builds that worked, this game would be boring, so I appreciate other builds.

    What I am creating are simple guides for new players, or casual players who do not want to think too much. This is for public 4v4 Classic mode, games do not usually go to the very end, so it does not have to be the best build. My goal is to get players with at least 8-10 workers consistently before Wave 10 starts (this gets more most games), almost never leak, and if it's fun, I'm doing my job.

    Thank you also for the Wave 6 recommendation. It is a good recommendation and it saves 40 gold vs my recommendation! Let me respond to that:

    Your example - sea serpent + 4 polywogs. That costs 610
    My recommendation - 1 bounty hunter, total cost =610 mythium

    They both work for most 100 mythium sends, actually yours works a little better in most cases! But then I added an extra angler because certain mercenary combos will leak sometimes, which brings me to 650 gold cost. So my recommendation is more expensive, but safer.

    Your example holds sometimes and leaks sometimes vs 2 brutes (I tested it)
    I also found that it leaks to many other 120 mythium combos, such as:
    Hermit + Dragon Turtle, Dino + 2 Snails, etc.
    (Polywogs are weak vs arcane defence)
    An angler could be added to your example to fix it, but then it's the same gold cost again.
    I also don't like that Sea Serpent placement for wave 8 vs certain mercenary combos.

    My recommendation holds some of those mercenary combos, Hermit + Dragon Turtle, Dino + 2 Snails, etc.
    But it does leak to 2 brutes more often than your example
    (Polywogs are strong vs brute's natural armor)

    So in conclusion, your example is great, and it's probably better in most cases because it saves 40 gold, and sometimes even holds brutes! It is a viable alternative to my recommended build in this thread. Especially when adding an angler for insurance.
    That just goes to show this game is well-designed and interesting!

    Boris, I also appreciate you showing Polywog kiting, that is interesting and fun! Also, good tips for Kingpin! I hope players take advantage of that upgrade in the later game.

    I am going to stick with my recommendation for new/casual players because it is safer and easier for 40 more gold. I don't want new players leaking to common sends and getting frustrated because they did not see it coming or know how to adapt.
    Yes, 2 brutes (uncommon in casual games) can make it leak, but that will put the enemy behind on income so it's easier to recover the game.

    It still gets the job done, players will have solid defence and money for workers. As players get better and learn more, they can ditch my guide and try new things that are more effective for higher level play, like your examples, or the build with an early egg.

    Thanks again!
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  4. Dimlhugion

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    I was hoping you'd get around to an Atlantean guide at some point, wanted to see what you would come up with :D

    Looks solid to me! And no worries on "competition," I think the more ideas we have kicking around the better.
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  5. Apu Negro

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    Boris, do you have any example of seraphim positioning to hold a brute send wave 3 with an egg? I tried different settings and it always breaks.
  6. A.Crowley

    A.Crowley Member

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    Since you didn't get an answer, I'll show you how I saved the egg from brute send on 3 fairly consistently in testing. Screenshot attached

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