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Builds for new players - Nomad

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by A.Crowley, May 15, 2020.

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    Get past the first boss (wave 10) without leaking and with a decent economy!

    Here's a build with Nomad. As you practice with it, you will learn you can usually build less defenders than the guide suggests to get better economy, or build something different and develop your own build!

    I am not claiming this build will make you a champion, but it's proven to get you started strong

    General info: Whenever you have extra gold, push workers. You will soon learn what you can get away with. You will also learn to suspect when big sends are coming so you can build a little extra to survive or when to build less for better economy. Also, don't forget to spend your own mythium to increase your income!

    Placement is important, so I provide screenshots.

    Wave 1
    Start with Sand Badger
    You can build 1 worker, but then you will usually need to save until Wave 4, unless you're getting lots of extra gold

    Wave 2
    Put a Harpy in the back corner
    Harpy's attack gets faster the longer it can travel before combat.

    This will stop up to 40 mythium of sends

    Wave 3
    Get a Warg
    This will hold off up to 60 mythium of sends

    Keep saving. You will need 135 gold at the start of next round
    (Add your gold + income to know what you will have at the start of the next round. You increase your income by spending mythium)

    Wave 4
    Get a Desert Pilgrim
    Desert Pilgrim can use mana to heal your other units

    This will hold up to 80 mythium of sends

    It's now safe to buy a couple workers. You will only need 55 gold at the start of the next wave

    I won't be able to tell you when to build more workers because it depends on your game. Just notice how much gold you will need for the next wave and spend any extra on workers. Keep practicing, and you should have at least 10 workers by the start of wave 10 in most games using this recommended build.

    Wave 5 (mini-boss)
    Add another Harpy in the other bottom corner, and 2 looters
    Wave 5 is a popular wave for sends in public games. But rest assured, this will hold any sends up to 100 mythium!
    From the rest of the guide, the recommended build will hold off up to 100 mythium

    Remember: Anytime you are scared of a big send and you have the gold, you can build the next recommended unit(s) early. Also if you are confident you can survive with less, then build workers instead of what is recommended here.

    Wave 6
    Upgrade a looter to a Pack Rat, then add 3 more looters
    You will need 165 gold at the start of the next wave

    Wave 7
    Upgrade your original harpy to a Sky Queen
    Sky Queen continues to increase her attack speed throughout a battle

    Wave 8
    Buy a new looter and upgrade it to a Pack Rat
    Add another harpy in the bottom corner
    You will need 195 at the beginning of next wave

    Notice you are leaving a space between your cheap units so you can add an Alpha Male later on in the game if you want to. Alpha Male can't stand being around expensive units; it will appreciate this space you left for it.

    Wave 9
    Add another Sand Badger
    Place it like shown to split the wave.
    I suggest only adding 1 extra worker after this wave, so you have enough to survive the Boss next round

    Wave 10 (Boss)
    With NO sends, adding 1 harpy and 1 looter can clear 10
    HOWEVER, wave 10 is popular for sends, so I recommend adding a Great Boar in the bottom corner next to your Sky Queen
    The Great Boar is a great choice because it will also hold against wave 11 without sends

    If you expect big sends, you will need more defence to not leak. Build or upgrade anything in the picture below to assist you

    I hope you liked this guide and that it will help you get started learning the game with Nomad. Practice with it and make changes as you get better. Have fun!
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