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Can't sell unit (no sell image)

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by Sakuragi, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Sakuragi

    Sakuragi Member

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    Hey so I was playing a game and when I tryed to sell my proton to get 12g for a unit wave 14 I couldn't sell it

    I took 3 screen, one is in wave 14, the other one in wave 17 to show that it wasn't just a wave or something and I also took a screen of how it should look like on an other proton that I could sell

    Only one proton was bugged

    for the picture :
    bug1 -> wave 14
    bug2 -> wave 17
    bug3 -> proton that I can sell

    Hf !

    PS : Or maybe something made me unable to sell it but if that's the case I'm not aware of it ;)

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  2. Robert Mends

    Robert Mends Member

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    I think I encountered something like you described in one of my games: