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Choose your mercenary options

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by pyrogunx, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. pyrogunx

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    I'm by no means a super experienced player, but with more than a day logged, I've enjoyed the game. That said, there are elements that get repetitive in a way that I think is unnecessary. Good game design is created around choices for the player. I would argue that right now, there's relatively little variability for the lower bracket of players. The reality is that this will continue to exist from a meta standpoint. Even with well balanced waves, strategies prevail.

    I think one thing that could help increase the variability per game is actually giving players the ability to select their merc lineup. I think it drives a few interesting factors for depth:

    1. It gives players more ability to have a unique "build" from an offensive standpoint, not just a defensive standpoint with the towers.
    2. The impact of merc lineup lets players continue to fine-tune their defensive setup. IE: I may go with a number of low value mercs to boost my income early game, but that has the tradeoff of making me weaker late game.
    3. It improves the team dynamics (not dissimilar to the impact of cross). If I am playing with a premade, we can plan our "hired mercs" that we can then choose to send in the right way towards an optimal strategy.

    Having a broader pool of mercs to choose from can also provide more flexibility and design space in the meta. You could even get into a situation where certain mercs could be banned as the pool grows to help with organic meta control.

    The one thing I'm not sure of is whether the "recruited mercs" should be selected before you enter the game, or if you actually "recruit them" (like 3 the first wave, 1 the second, 1 the third, or some such) in game based on the strategies you see being employed by your enemy lane.
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  2. Freshairkaboom

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    The thing that makes this game great, is actually that you need to choose based on how the game goes. There are builds and stuff, but sometimes, no matter how good you are at performing those meta builds, you will be 1 gold off that huge unit, and you'll leak next wave, unless you adapt to it and perhaps build something else or sell a low tier unit that you would've needed later. This makes games different.

    Though I like your idea, I don't see it happening any time soon. It would be super hard to balance, and some merc lineups would still be considered the "best choice", given no information about your opponent. Plus, all current mercs have a time and a place. Locking them would mean less chance of ending game at opportune times, which would mean more games would go into high 20, 21.
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