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Connection to steam error.

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Tyler., Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Tyler.

    Tyler. Member

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    Hi, I got gifted the game in steam a couple of days ago and i can not seem to start the game.
    I get a message saying im not connected to steam, and can not doing anything else than clicking ok att this screen, then the game shuts down.

    Ive tried;
    Installing the game while giving steam admin options.
    uninstalling and installing the game.
    uninstalling and installing steam.
    checking the approval of the game in various firewalls. (windows own and comodo.)

    Today there was a patch for the game and i patched hoping it would fix my issue, but I got the same message.


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  2. EpvpDani

    EpvpDani Developer Staff Member

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    Hey Tyler,
    sorry for the late reply and that you had issues connecting to the game. Does the problem still persist today? Usually steam related issues only occur when steam is down or can be solved by simply restarting steam and the game