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Researching Feature Request: Replay income/legion spells

Discussion in 'LTDStats.com Feature Requests' started by jitsuc4, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. jitsuc4

    jitsuc4 Moderator

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    Are legion spells currently taken into consideration in the stats/replay? For example Investment? If yes, this might be a bug:

    Game ID: 10927422449815712916

    Bug report regarding double Investment

    Player 4 (Raddy) had following incomes according to ltdstats:

    9: 98
    10: sent 3 lizard +36+ snail 6 (42) = 140
    11: 140
    12: 140
    13: sent 4e +60+ 2 brutes 30 (90) = 230

    I wanted to check if it actually triggered twice in the stats as well, but it seems legion spells are either not implemented yet or buggy, since it should at least add 30 income on wave 11 for Investment.
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  2. GvR Mr Mister

    GvR Mr Mister Member

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    Legion spells and income are not provided by the API yet.
    For now i just sum up the inc gained from sending mercs, but i already made a feature request for this.
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