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FPS issue with laptop

Discussion in 'Performance Issues' started by swordfightingguy, Oct 28, 2018.

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    Hi, since patch 2.39 I have performance issue playing this game.
    Nvidia driver: Version 416.34 - WHQL (Latest)

    The game at some point went into 10 - 20 FPS and switch between battery mode to charging mode and then back to battery mode again. This appears once every game started. I tried setup NVIDIA to use performance over quality but issue still persist. In game settings also set to low quality. I'm not sure if the game actually not using NVIDIA GPU and use dedicated GPU instead, but I'm make sure the game should use NVIDIA GPU via NVIDIA control panel. Maybe there's any unity log the game produce to check this?

    I tested playing others game(dota2 and TF2) to check if my GPU dead or issue on my laptop, and no similar issue.