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Game won't apply interface settings

Discussion in 'Minor Bugs' started by BeepBoop, May 19, 2020 at 7:36 AM.

  1. BeepBoop

    BeepBoop Member

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    Every time I boot up the game my UI is really tiny. I have to go to options and change my interface UI zoom from 3 to 4 and then back to 3 and hit apply. Then it applies my settings. It's successfully saving them since my resolution and UI zoom are always where I leave them but it just seems to use a default value upon load.

    Would love to know if there is a file I can delete to get past this. Occasionally I forget to fix this and boot up a game and it is infuriatingly hard to see and read things. Then I can't fix it in game since the visual changes won't take effect.
  2. jitsuc4

    jitsuc4 Moderator

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    The configs are stored in the folder Legion TD 2\Config.

    If you don't know how to find the folder, you can open it as follows via your steam library:

    I'm not sure if deleting the file actually resolves anything, but feel free to try. Note that the Options.ini also has all the keybindings and such, so if you have custom bindings, keep that in mind.

    What resolution are you playing at? Also, what operating system are you playing on?
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