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Hi, I'm Shredder

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shredder, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Shredder

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    Hello Guys,

    I'm Jasper aka. (ing) Shredder. I'm 23 years old. German. Student in history and philosophy.
    I took a quite long break from playing the game due to vacation, schedule times and other stuff that took my time, like playing League of Legends :rolleyes: other games I'm playing are like said LoL, in addition: Warframe, Path of Exile, Age of Empires 2, Warcraft 3, Payday 2 and many others.

    I liked to see the new Units and I'm exited for Season 3. Hopefully, I can play my way back in the Top Players.
    I'm currently stuck at around 1,8k elo for like 2 weeks now :oops:
    I dont have a duo player partner to play constant with, if someone is around the same elo and wants to climb, let me now :confused: I'm playing MM only.

    Greetings from Germany. Jasper.
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  2. GvR Mr Mister

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    Hi Jasper
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