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How to Report Performance Issues

Discussion in 'Performance Issues' started by Jules, Jul 19, 2017.

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    The game is not fully optimized yet and may lag on your computer. If it lags, lower your Graphics Quality to Low and toggle OFF Environment Assets.

    If you are still unable to run the game, feel free to report a performance issue. Due to their nature, we cannot immediately resolve performance issues, but they are helpful to track so we can optimize and improve performance over time.

    Reporting performance issues:
    1. Write an informative title with [game version number] at the beginning.
    2. Describe the performance issue in as much detail as possible. Did you experience low fps or did your computer overheat?
    3. Describe your computer's specs: OS/CPU/GPU/RAM
    4. Copy and paste your DxDiag info into the thread. If you need help finding this, see the guide below.
    Finding your DxDiag info:
    1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the letter R.
    2. In the Run dialog that appears type "dxdiag" without the quotes in the text box and press Enter.
    3. If you get a request asking to check if your drivers are digitally signed choose "Yes."
    4. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool that appears, in the bottom-right click "Save All Information..."
    5. On your Desktop, save "DxDiag.txt"
    6. Double click DxDiag.txt on your Desktop to open it, press Control-A to select all, Control-C to copy.
    7. In your thread, click in the posting text box and press Control-V to paste the DxDiag.txt information into your initial post or an additional reply.
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