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Idea of new unit buffing by selling T1/T2

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by wake_up, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. wake_up

    wake_up Member

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    It could be new ability of existing unit, for example, Head Chef or Lord of Death, it could be ability of some new unit. In game sometimes there are moments, when you sell (or "sacrifice") some T1/T2 units to build, for example, another one T5/T6, if u need 5/10/20 gold more for that. So, some unit might get buff for one wave (for example, HP and attack rate + 10% for one level), or even might get some permanent buff to the end of match, by sacrificing, for example, 3 of T1 or 1 of T2 unit. I wanted just share this idea, all numbers should be considered, thank you.
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