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Initail Rolls

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by Boris, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Boris

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    Hello @Jules and everyone! Some time ago, i've mentioned in the LTD2 twitch stream that there are times when the rolling system is not balanced at all. Couple of games i had 6-7 units with piercing attack. And i don't think that "simply re-rolling for better units" should be acceptable as a solution. Back then Jules mentioned to upload a screenshot, but i did not have one, since roll information is not stored in match history from the game UI. So yesterday i had the same shit roll and made a screenshot. I thought that the system might get confused, because some units with same attack type have different armor type, but as you can see from the screenshot - this is not the case.

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  2. Jules

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    Hey Boris,

    Thanks for the screenshot and for your feedback. On one hand, this is a lot of pierce. On the other hand, Fire Elemental and Berserker are ~60% magic, and this roll meets the basic requirements and seems playable:
    • Has a tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
    • Has swift, arcane, natural, and fortified frontline
    • Has pierce, impact, and magic damage
    By adding or removing restrictions to mastermind rolls, there is a tradeoff between average quality and long-run variety. At one extreme, you could get a near-perfect roll every game, which might feel good at first, until you realize you're getting one of the same 30 rolls every game. At the other extreme, you could get completely random rolls, which forces you to adapt and experience situations you've never been in before.

    The way it currently works is you're guaranteed certain basic things (at least one tier 1, at least one of each attack/defense type, etc.) to ensure that your roll is playable. There are also some guarantees to make rolls not feel bad (no more than three tier 1, no more than three tier 6, etc.). I believe adding an additional guarantee like "no more than 5 pierce" would be a net positive change. The reason I'm hesitant to do this right now is that the current mastermind randomizer treats every unit attack/defense type as a binary (e.g. Berserker is pierce, Berserker is magic). It doesn't consider the fact that Berserker is mixed pierce and magic damage or that Priestess of the Abyss is arcane but not a reliable arcane tank.

    I designed a new mastermind randomizer that is much smarter and treats unit attack/defense types as a spectrum. So, for example, Berserker would be 0.4 pierce and 0.6 magic. Instead of guaranteeing at least 1 source of magic damage, the new system might guarantee at least 1.0 magic damage and no more than 5.0 magic damage (for example, you could get Buzz, Fire Elemental, and Berserker, which add up to ~1.3 magic damage). I'm not sure exactly when we're able to implement this, but I believe it will improve both quality and variety of mastermind rolls.