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Intentional AFK at start

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Boris, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Boris

    Boris Member

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    Hello everyone,

    I've noticed something like a trend among players to intentionally stay AFK at wave 1 so that the game is marked as a TIE. For obvious reason like dodging opposing team or not rolling good enough units.

    For me this is annoying and a backdoor, that should be punishable. Why i think it is intentional? - Because right after the TIE game, i queue up again and play vs the same players. I even got a reply from [redacted] next game, that he did it because he "didn't want to play vs a team" (WTF???) and he is currtenly in top 5 in the leaderboard. I mean at least top players shoulnd't be doing this.

    Perhaps add a "Ready check" after a match has been found. This way if a player has selected "ready" and stays AFK, the system can apply a 10-15 minute ban from queueing up again.
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  2. EpvpDani

    EpvpDani Developer Staff Member

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    Fairplay will catch this and suspend players that dodge on purpose. The more often a player gets suspended, the longer are the suspensions. So this should be already handled. Also please refrain from calling out player names in public