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It's been a great year, but...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Akitos, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Akitos

    Akitos Member

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    It is time for me to move on. I am very sorry to everyone who's been supporting me throughout the year, but I have made the choice to quit Legion TD 2 (at the very least until the start of season 3). This was a very hard decision for me and I know it might come as a shock to some of you. I've had a really great time in this game. Both this games community and the community I built up for myself are the greatest I've ever been part of. It saddens me to let go of this, but I just don't see another way for me, personally. Streaming is my job now and I have to do what I think is best for my stream in the long run. I just don't see any future for me in this game + I don't enjoy it as much anymore. Right now the game just feels stale and boring (for me) as the amount of changes coming are not enough to keep me interested. I have literally played above 2100 hours which is roughly 24% of my lifetime since Legion TD 2 got released. This is how commited I was to this game. To help this game grow. To build up my stream. And well, frankly, just to enjoy this game <3 But yea... It's time to move on :(

    If you're interested in hearing the full story behind my decision and some other real talk things regarding my stream and various other topics you may watch the youtube video attached below. I am sorry this text here ain't longer, but it was hard enough for me to make this video...

    Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time. I really hope this game still grows and finds it's way, but I am not in the position to stay and watch it happen, or not happen. I wish you all the best @Jules @Lisk @Curing and everyone else involved in this project. This won't be the last time we meet, but it will be for at least a month now.
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  2. SirCloud

    SirCloud Member

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    See you in a month.
  3. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Thanks for all your passion and dedication, Akitos. Your streams, guides, patch reviews, and casting have all had a lasting impact on the community. Watching you cast the Masters Cup in a suit and tie was a personal highlight for me. You've been instrumental in promoting the game, and we're all so thankful for that. We mailed you a gift, as a small token of appreciation.

    You're a tough critic sometimes, but I know you mean well and want what's best for Legion TD 2. Sometimes, everything we're doing isn't immediately visible. Right now, we're working on big structural changes to allow the game to grow (major code refactor in preparation for hiring a new engineer, server scalability for a F2P weekend, etc.). These changes allow us to work faster and grow the player base in the long run. Switching gears is a great analogy.

    Again, thank you. You're always welcome back in the community, and we hope to see you playing again soon. Best wishes going forward!
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  4. Seraphin

    Seraphin Member

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    Hello @Akitos !

    42 hours...hummm yeah of course XD. Yeah yeah I watched all the video !! ^^

    Before all, I would like to say that you did a great job as streamer on Legion TD 2, particularly for tournaments and for your famous patch notes review ! Really you did a great job here.

    I would like also to congrats you for taking this important decision. I can understand this a hard decision and you need to be brave to take a decision which can change your life. To be honest, I'm admiring you for taking this choice for you and your girlfriend and share your opinions and your reasons for taking this decision. I'm also admiring the fact you share a hard part of your life which is obviously not easy. Really congrats for all those things !

    Now, I'm sorry but I want to share my opinion about your steam. I recognize that you implied a lot in the game but since streaming is your job and you need to earn enough money just to live properly, I can say that it was just impossible to be a success this year on Legion TD 2.

    If we pay attention about the strategy of @Jules @Lisk , it was a bit obvious that the playerbase wouldn't have grown up fast. Indeed, this is a really small game company which develops the game. Basically, they don't have 10 millions to spend and 50 engineers working on the game so they need to go little step by little step at the moment.
    For me, this year was a year of preparation for something greater. They needed to have direct or indirect feedback from players, they needed to develop contents, prepare the game to welcome much more players etc...So obviously, for a professionnal streamer, it is impossible to live with Legion TD 2 at the moment. Also, you need to understand it was not a good strategy from them to invest too much money when BattleRoyale games are so hyped at the moment. They need to choose the good time to promote very hard the game and attract a lot of players. If I'm wrong about all what I said, I invite @Jules or @Lisk to say it !! ;)
    Regarding this, I'm really impressed you stayed for one year playing Legion TD 2 and again congrats and thank you for this !

    Personnaly, I spent almost 1k hours on the game and I still took some breaks. So I'm not surprised that you need break also (even if this is for different reasons). But this shows us also that at the moment, the content is not enough to keep players playing the game for a long time.

    I won't expect you to stream the game for a moment till the game got more contents, more feature and particularly more players. But I'm sure next year will be the year where we will see a lot more players because as you said, the game need to be developped faster now. They cannot wait more.

    I won't say you good bye because I'm really sure you will come back. But for sure I don't expect you coming back before February or March to be honest.
    FinalIy, I will repeat myself but thank you for all your contents, thanks to be boring in game when you loose :)p) and congrats to be brave to take a hard decision !

    See you soon !

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  5. Mick

    Mick Member

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    Take care, dude. I think your decision will be fine, you are a good and fun streamer, so you will find audiences at other games too. Don't stress too much, things will work out.

    I will check in on your stream sometimes to see how you are doing (although I won't really follow it, since I don't like to watch streams about games I don't know anything about :p )

    And see you when we can play 4v4 with units of 4 more legions in MM there :)
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  6. Naduos

    Naduos Member

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    Hope you'll come back one day! It was always a pleasure to watch your streams :)
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