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Just found this game again

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jason, May 18, 2018.

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    Hello to all.

    I just bought this game a couple of weeks ago but I played Legion on WC3 since I don't even know when. Been many years, but never at all competitively just for fun. I think tower defenses in general have great potential as chill strategy games(i.e. chess) that can also be casually competitive. I don't ever see a tower defense making the big stage for instance but definitely people watch chess so why not something like this? Anyway:

    My name is Jason and I've been streaming my Legion TD adventures at twitch.tv/jasonstk if you ever wanna come hang out toss me a follow, I stream pretty regularly. I have only gotten one of my friends who used to play playing again but I bet I can change that, gotta support the creators of a game I've played for free for years. Funny story, I was playing this week and met someone randomly around my ELO who we both played fairly well so we stayed as a team for the next few games and got to talking...the guy lives like 5 minutes from me! It's crazy the connections you sometimes make playing video games online.

    GL HF see you out there. Hope this game does nothing but increase in popularity because it's a great chill game after you finish work and just want to relax or after playing more intense games.