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King with more than 30 Upgrades

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by NumiChan, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. NumiChan

    NumiChan Member

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    Just had a game where suddenly the enemy king had 12 Regeneration-Upgrades. Thought it might be a visual bug, but later that game their king had 12 Attack-Upgrades as well. Therefore he had more regen and more dmg than our king, making it harder for us to kill it and in the end resulting in us losing the game very closely.
    I have no clue how this was done, but it was a pretty big adventage for the enemy team. But the enemy team didnt seem to mind that bug in the slightest.

    Hope this bug was a one-time-only bug, but if not, i hope this will help you fix it.