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Kings upgrades

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Boris, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Boris

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    Hi everyone,

    King balance is probably quite hard to do. I haven't played much classic mode in LTD2, but from what i saw there king upgrades are not so tactic-breaking since there are 4 players, usually lower elo and the number of the upgrades is the same as in 2v2, also everytime it's income fiesta there anyway.

    But ranked is more tricky since higher elo players skip king upgrades, most of the times even when the king is super low hp. Why's that? Because a skilled player will crush you 4/5 of the time if you start upgrading the king, others can push freely, skip 2-3 more waves and then send you really a nice amount of mythium and eventually break you.(Rare occasions when you have a nice roll and you manage to hold and even turn the tide of the game, but that's really rare). Also even with the same amount of income you get from a snail, players are still not encouraged to do so, because you will miss the income.

    Here is a suggestion:

    Allow king upgrades during waves, but with decreassed income bonus (lets say +3 or +4, or), but keep the +6 income during wave breaks.

    I think this will bring a lot more variety to the game and would be a breath of fresh air to the current meta, both from tactical point of view and you won't have to feed your opponent whenever you need a small amount if income to build your desired unit for the next wave.
  2. A.Crowley

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    There's strategy to choosing to king upgrade at the start of the round or not.
    Just like you can't add defense towers once you see your opponent sent mercenaries, it also makes sense that you can't upgrade your king last second.

    If you could, everyone would be saving to wait and see, they wouldn't have to think about it strategically. It would just make games longer if you let unprepared players upgrade, in my opinion
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