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Legion 101 - The Beginners Guide for LTD2

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Bonny, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. Bonny

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    Welcome to Legion 101!
    (ty @Pennywise for the name)

    This series is meant to be a starting / improving guide for new and lower rated players.
    Step by step, I will show you important mechanics of the game and tell you how to master them.

    My name is Bonny (Niklas). I've been playing the game since Day 1 and have been addicted with over 3k hours of gameplay. Since this series is a lot of work for me, I will try to get a new video out every Wednesday.

    So check out this thread or my YouTube to be updated :D

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOTqTXK_yC753PzNh1cogWw

    There is a lot planned so stay hyped and, now, enjoy!

    1. The Basics:

    2. Building pt1:

    3. Workers + Mythium:

    4. Sends + Kingups:

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  2. Jules

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    Really excited for this series, and I love the name too. Especially when we do our marketing push in the future, these videos are going to be a great resource for new players. Will definitely recommend them.