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Legion for Dummies

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Bogsu, Nov 27, 2017.

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    You don't want to read long guides? Then just read this thread and don't destroy the games of your teammates anymore. I will write the most important things you have to know in my opinion to be good enough for ranked. Write or like if I helped you and please don't discuss under this thread if you are already a "pro" in this game.

    - Choose one Legion you want to play (no Mastermind if you didn't played much already).
    - Open on the bottom right both help windows to get information about the attack types and wave information in game.

    - Try to get all attack types to be effective against every wave. Value don't help you if you're not effective against the wave.
    - You don't have to have all defense types. You can try this 2 combinations: Natural&Arcane or Swift&Fortified. This combinations are effective against all attack types.
    - Don't build to much! You have to build your most worker before Wave 10, try to get 6 or more. You don't have to build much worker after wave 10, because you need that gold to build up your fighter. Try as a new player to get ~ 9-11 Worker for a typical send at Wave 13,14,15.
    - Don't upgrade the space for your units to early (I saw that often in the last days)
    - If you don't save your mythium it means you send mercenaries to get income. The best way to do this is to wait till the wave will be finished in 1-2 sec. and send high cost mercenaries and fill your send with a snail if you have ~25 mythium. It's much more effective to send a drake(150 Mythium) instead of 6 snails(6 x 25 Mythium).
    - It's important to send the right mercanaries which fit well with the current wave. You can find a list what you have to send at which wave here. Nice work LForward.

    Important stuff
    - The goal is NOT to hold your lane, no one cares if you leak 3 or 4 units if it's not to early (till wave 10 or 11).
    - The goal IS to defend your KING and destroy the enemy King.
    - Worker = Mythium and Mythium is the main reason to win the game.
    - Read the chat and talk with your team! You can just win if you save together and send together as much as you can! Follow your teammates decisions if it's to late to talk about it.
    - You didn't got mercenaries on your lane? Put all gold into fighter to hold the send of your enemy.
    - After his send? Push now your worker(s) because you overbuild too much to hold the send.

    How To Play: http://beta.legiontd2.com/guide
    Know your units, enemys and mercenaries: http://beta.legiontd2.com/guide/units
    Watch and learn: Twitch.TV
    People where you learn much even as a good player on Twitch: LForward (English), Isotrop_ltd2 (German), JeanPaulMichel(French)

    : People saved mythium to send many/big mercenaries on one wave to kill the king or do much damage.
    Save: The team don't spend any mythium for mercenaries or supply
    Skip: As example if someone skip 8 then he want to save mythium and don't send anything at Wave 8 to send more at Wave 9.
    Value: Your value is at the end just the gold amount you put into your fighters on your lane. It's often a nice possibility to check if you build enough to hold the next wave.
    Leak: Someone didn't killed all enemys on his lane.
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  2. Coloo

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    U can add JeanPaulMichel on top streamer FR. Play in premade with deus del puerco. U can see solo lane elemental/mec + crosslane
  3. EndOfFears

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    Nice, short Quickstart Guide! Thank you! ;)

    Would like to add that in most cases people will get a feeling for what all of this means after a couple of matches only.

    Just some thoughts:
    Although not sure if it's just me and whether it's true but isn't it a generally good idea to "Send for income" right before a wave ends?
    And you might want to add a short explanation about the impact on income of "Special Ability Mercs" and in which cases one should send them instead of "Income Mercs".

    Kind regards.
  4. KaC

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    ye you should always send before wave ends. New people dont understand that...