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Legion TD 2 In-House League (LIHL) Season 2 - 5th October to 15th November

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Leagues' started by Seraphin, Aug 31, 2020.

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    Hello everybody,

    After a real success for the first edition of this league, we are very proud to renew the experience with the second edition of the Legion TD 2 In-House League (LIHL) in LTD2!
    The LIHL is a league that will span 5 weeks in which 12 of the most elite teams around in LTD2 will try to get that ticket for the Finals Weekend on the 14th and 15th of November.

    Below you are able to find all the rules and guidelines for the league, but here are some of the most important ones:
    • You will need to be able to play a BO2 match against your opponent of the week every week (Yes, draws are possible!). There are no fixed times, you have to find a time with your opponent. If you can’t find a time, you will have to play the game on Sunday 9PM CET.
    • If there are more than 12 sign-ups, only the top 12 teams with the highest peak rating in season 6 will qualify for the league
    • One member of your team will be your captain. They are responsible for arranging the day and time to play with the captain of their opponent team and communication with the LIHL-staff. Discord is required for this!
    • There will be 2 groups of 6 teams. For the draw, the top-4 teams will draw one other top-4 team, the rest of the teams are shuffled randomly into the two groups.
    To remember you, we have chosen this name on purpose, because this has been the longest running and most successful league in LTD. It stood for high competitiveness of the best players in LTD in a friendly and mannered atmosphere, which is exactly what we aim to achieve with this league. Beside this, we hope the league will be an inspiration for all the other LTD2 players by casting the tournament and providing visibility high-rating games, so we all can improve our gameplay.

    LIHL will be managed by two moderators:
    • Seraphin: Playing LTD2 since season 2, peak rating 2410, you all know him from excellently hosting the tournaments we have enjoyed in LTD2.
    • Mick: Player since season 1, peak rating 2435, has been moderator for the LIHL in LTD1 for over 4 years.
    Sign-up Instructions

    Teams list : Here
    Brackets : Here

    Team sign-up - You can only sign-up in Team

    We strongly suggest you to be available on Sunday at 9 pm CET (cf. rules section)

    • Top 12 teams with highest peak rating during Season 6 will be selected for the League
    • Team sign-up begins now and ends 3rd October at 11pm CET
    1. You can tag me or Mick in the #lihl-lobby on Legion TD 2 Discord and give us your teamname, your ingame name and your teammate ingame name. What's more, we need for each team a discord contact to easily contact you if needed.
      1. Start the game, and join a private lobby with your teammate by typing /join <team name> (e.g. /join Snail Kings) in Global Chat
      2. Type /signup in the private lobby
      3. Give us a discord contact to easily contact you if needed (tag me or Mick in #lihl-lobby

    2. Also, your discord contact will be published for all teams of LIHL to make it easier to organize yourself your match during a week (cf. rules section).

    Regular season

    Regular season starts on 5th October and end 8th November.

    Top 6 teams from Regular season

    Play-off starts on Saturday 14th of November and end on Sunday 15th of November.

    Saturday, 14th November
    • 8:50am PST (5:50pm CET): Check-in
    • 8:55am PST (5:55pm CET): First quarter final - game 1
    • 9:20am PST (6:20pm CET): First quarter final - game 2
    • 9:45am PST (6:45pm CET): First quarter final - game 3 (if needed)
    • 10:10am PST (7:10pm CET): Second quaterfinal - game 1
    • 10:35am PST (7:35pm CET): Second quaterfinal - game 2
    • 11:00am PST (8:00pm CET): Second quaterfinal - game 3 (if needed)
    • 11:25am PST (8:25pm CET): First semi final - game 1
    • 11:50am PST (8:50pm CET): First semi final - game 2
    • 00:15pm PST (9:15pm CET): First semi final - game 3 (if needed)
    Sunday, 15th November
    • 9:40am PST (6:40pm CET): Check-in
    • 9:50am PST (6:50pm CET): Second semi final - game 1
    • 10:15am PST (7:15pm CET): Second semi final - game 2
    • 10:40am PST (7:40pm CET): Second semi final - game 3 (if needed)
    • 11:00am PST (8:00pm CET): Final - game 1
    • 11:25am PST (8:25pm CET): Final - game 2
    • 11:50am PST (8:50pm CET): Final - game 3
    • 00:15pm PST (9:15pm CET): Final - game 4 (if needed)
    • 00:40pm PST (9:40pm CET): Final - game 5 (if needed)


    You will get more information about it later. I can, however, confirm that the first team will get a special badge.
    1st Place

    • Winner of the League will get an in-game badge

    • The whole league is Mastermind only.
    • Regular season matches are in BO2. Each team plays ONCE against all teams (1 match per week).
    • Play-off :
      • The first 3 teams of each group are qualified for the Play-off. The first team of each group is directly qualified for the semi-finals.
      • Quaterfinal are in BO3. The 2nd team of group A will meet the 3rd one of group B. The 2nd team of group B will meet the 3rd one of group B.
      • First team of each group can meet the 2nd team of their group only in final.
      • Semifinals are in BO3.
      • Finals are in BO5.

    Ties at the end of the regular season will be broken in the following order:
    1. Wins vs. tied teams
    2. A BO1 will decide the winner
    Only tie for the 3 first places will be played per group. Feel free to play a tie for others places (only if both teams agree with it) and give us the result.

    • For each week during the regular season, the captain of the team (discord name) will have to contact the captain of the opponent for the first match. The match have to be played within the current week and before the next Monday 2am CEST.
    • When the date and time have been decided for your match, please warn a moderator by tagging him in the Legion TD 2 Discord channel #lihl-checkin.
    • If you don't successfully find a date to play your match, by default, the match have to be played on Sunday at 9pm CET.
    • If none team are available for those dates, both will have a loss.
    • If only one is not available at those dates, this one will have a loss. The team available will have to connect on Sunday at 9pm CEST and will have to play a Legion TD 2 game (versus AI, classic, ranked or against/with one of the organizer) without surrender it and without intentionnal loss (in order to prove the team is, indeed, available).
    • If a participating team is not available for the quater final, semi final or finals, the team will be disqualified. This team will not receive its mystery card as consequences.

    Changing teammates
    • If you need to change teammates, sign up again with your new teammate and notify your former teammate. He or she must also signup again to participate.
    Dropping from the LIHL
    • Dropping from the tournament after it has started ruins the experience for others and may result in being banned from future tournaments. If you must drop, please find a substitute.
    • If you wish to drop from the tournament, tag Seraphin in #lihl-lobby.
    • You can substitute players as needed. Only 2 players on each team will be awarded prizes.
    Lobby Creation, Side Selection, & Player Positions
    1. The top team (the team that is displayed on top in the Challonge bracket) creates the custom game lobby.
    2. The top team selects its preferred side (west or east).
    3. The bottom team selects its preferred player positions
    4. The top team selects its preferred player positions
    5. Once both teams confirm they are ready, the game can be started
    Reporting Results
    • The winning team must screenshot and report the game results to #lihl-result.
    Game-impacting Bugs, Disconnects, & Remakes
    • In general, we will not be honoring remake requests. Legion TD 2 is an Early Access game, and there will inevitably be bugs. Remakes cause delays that compromise the entire tournament's schedule and also encourage players to cheat by disconnecting or reporting a bug if they are losing or have bad rolls.
    • You should not request a remake, unless it's an obviously critical bug, such as being unable to deploy fighters.
    • Pathing and targeting issues generally will not be considered worthy of a remake.
    • You cannot ask the opposing team for permission to remake. That decision is made by the staff, not the opposing team.
    • To request a remake, you must:

    1. Record your games (here's a guide on how to do that).
    2. Notify the opposing team that you are requesting a remake immediately at the time of the game-impacting bug.
    3. Notify Seraphin in #lihl-lobby that you are requesting a remake immediately at the time of the game-impacting bug.
    4. Share video footage of the game-impacting bug with staff.
    Staff will review the video and make a decision based on (1) the severity of the bug, (2) the state of the game, and (3) implications on the tournament's schedule. If it is determined that the bug critically impacted the team's ability to win (e.g. the team's chance of winning decreased from 60% -> 20%) and if remaking wouldn't disrupt the tournament's schedule, a remake may be granted.
    Tournament Director: Seraphin and Mick
    Caster: Jules will cast the final phase
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    Exciting to see! Will give this a shout-out in the next patch notes to help with sign-ups and encourage viewership.
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