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Legion : The Labyrinth

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by Bluejin, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Bluejin

    Bluejin Member

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    Had a cool idea and thought I'd share it, though not sure if it is really doable in the current LTD2.

    The idea is to create a legion with a lot of control over pathing.

    The main unit would be

    Wall : A "unit" that can't attack. Other units can be placed atop the wall. Units atop a wall cannot move and dont receive damage until the wall beneath them is destroyed. Walls are not targeted by creeps unless a) there is no way to the king that doesn't need to cross a wall or b) another unit is placed atop that wall. This unit would have to be T1 or T2 so it is relatively spammable. Upgrades could be "Fortified Wall" with greater health pool and "Spiked Wall" that returns a certain amout of damage to attackers.
    Would probably be quite a challenge for Lisk to program that, but would introduce some very cool game mechanics in my opinion.

    Spider : T4 or T5 meele, ability : poisonous bite : deal x dmg over y seconds
    with upgrade Arachne : ranged, ability : poisonous webs : every x seconds, throw out poisonous webs at an area, slowing enemies on top and dealing y damage to them per second. Webs last for z seconds.

    Cyclops : T5 or T6 meele tank, ability : rage : falling below x% max health grants Cyclops cleave and y% attack speed buff
    with upgrade Argus : meele tank, same ability

    The main idea is to have a legion that relies on controlling its enemies, clumping them up and then destroying them.

    That's what I came up with till now, maybe add in some kind of minotaur since it fits the labyrinth-theme very well (Minos-Myths, that's also why the above unit names are taken from Greek mythology).

    Another cool idea was to have a ranged medusa-type fighter that would petrify an enemy for x seconds every y seconds, making them unable to move and deal damage, though that may be pretty op. Maybe instead of a set number of seconds petrified it would be better to have them petrified for (set amount of damage)/(creature's dps) seconds.

    Opinions and further ideas are welcome.
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  2. Toby Wan Anchovy

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    That's cool! the only thing I can think of to add to the labyrinthine feel is maybe if creeps attack an upgraded wall they get like a confusion debuff representing them getting lost or something or misdirected somewhere like being in an actual labyrinth.
  3. layothepsy

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    Awsome idea i like those things, but id like to have a unit that is steathy on a wall so that the wall isnt attacked.

    So you could let them walk in a snake like in other td games and poke em down at first.
    Bit like in Skibis Castle TV (WC3 Map)