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Legions vs MM rant and discussion.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nacccho, Oct 19, 2018.


Would you play ranked if it was only MM?

  1. Yay

  2. Nay

  3. Don't care, would play both.

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  1. Egekaer

    Egekaer Member

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    I rather do suicide cross with kingd with the stakes of +1/-31 than play a legion.

    I still don’t think that the balance between legions and mm should be a question about income. I think the game would improve a lot if legions was changed so that they had big significant weaknesses. Right now they are to consistent and therefore almost impossible to leak early even with rather big sends. This is a fact about all the legions except atlantean, which is a bit weaker early
  2. Seraphin

    Seraphin Member

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    What about Legion with one worker less ? The pressure in early will be less important. Then Mastermind without being overpowerful will be more stable in early. Then late game will be pure skills no ?
  3. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    Extreme. I like it.
    Imo either is something as extreme as this or removing them.

    I have been playing forsaken and element, at first yoloing, suiciding and testing some stuff.
    After kinda figuring them out, it is SOOOO evident how unbalanced they are. My sample size is still pretty small but i feel like i have a general idea.

    Both have pretty safe 5 workers push after 2 begins, holding 3(or really minor leak) up to 60. Element can safely push to 7 after that, forsaken can go 6 workers if wants to hold big send 5 without deviating from the build. That is playing somewhat income focused, which doesn't mean straight up full sends every wave.
    Because their core is SO strong, you dont have to fear re send, and you can push WAY more than the average MM after earch send.
    Both have the tools to hold up until 13 with no problem WHATSOEVER, it is very rare to get crippled before that because of you, it has to evolve some really major fuck up or poor decision making.
    Element has a problem on 14 that is pretty hard to deal with, but i'd hardly say its a weakness if you're pretty much unleakable until then.
    And forsaken, oh well, forsaken is borderline retarded. You can leak it yes, but you need a waaay above average send, and it has the tools to deal with EVERY, SINGLE, WAVE of the game, it is true you have options to be kinda direct your strengths and weakenesses, but it doesnt make you "immensely" vulnerable on the waves of ur weaker side.

    The games played seriously where i lost, probably about 10% of them was my fault, the rest being my teamate(usually mm with a vulnerable roll). And 70%+ of those games were lost in real late game, because they couldn't get significantly through me no matter

    I'm pretty sure pre-mades with groove + forsaken/element have the potential to break the game.

    PS: Atoms/protons are so inflated right now its ridiculous.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018