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LIHL for dummies

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Leagues' started by Mick, Oct 8, 2020.

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    Hi! Heard about LIHL, but don't know what it is? Or lost on who plays and what is happening? Here you can find the basics to follow the most fun, skilled and educational league in LTD2!

    What is LIHL?
    LIHL (Legion in-house league) is a league for the most skilled teams in LTD2. Among others, we have the winners of all ladder seasons so far in LIHL, and most of the current top 10! There are 2 groups of 6 teams, of which 3 will advance to the final round on 14-15 november.

    Why should I watch LIHL?
    With LIHL we are trying to bring the community closer together. While watching LIHL and chatting, you will get to know more players in LTD2. Moreover, you will learn to be better at LTD2 from watching the top LTD2-players play and hear casting of equally skilled commentators. Most of the LIHL-casters actually play in LIHL themselves! Lastly, LTD2 is actually a fun game not only to play, but also to watch, so try it out!!

    When can I watch LIHL?
    Every LIHL round is played during a week. Teams are free to plan in their game during that entire week. Whenever they have agreed upon a time, they will announce it in the LTD2 Discord in the channel #lihl-checkin. If the game receives a green check, it means the person who checked it will cast that game. We will also place an announcement for the cast in #lihl-announcement on the day of the game, and a few minutes before starting in #general-chat which is both visible in the discord and in-game.

    Important links
    You can find a list of the teams and who are in the teams here. (Only the top 12 play!)
    The tournament bracket can be found here
    You can find all the games that have been cast here
    If you want to stay up to date, join the LTD2 Discord! You can do so here

    What is the league format?
    Every team will weekly play a best-of-2 match against their opponent of the week. There are 2 groups of 6 teams, which means for 5 weeks there will be league action. The top 3 of each group qualifies for the final weekend.

    The final weekend consists of:
    2 quarter finals (best of three) between the #2 of Group 1 and #3 of group 2 and vice versa.
    2 semi-finals (best of three) between the winners of Group 1+2 against the respective winners of the quarterfinals
    A grand final (best of five!) Between the winners of the semi-finals.

    What is the time schedule?
    In the tournament bracket you can see each team has to play five rounds. The weeks corresponding to that are:

    Round 1: 5-11 october
    Round 2: 12-18 october
    Round 3: 19-25 october
    Round 4: 26 october-1 november
    Round 5: 2-8 november

    Finals: 14-15 november

    You are now playing season 2, but how did season 1 go?
    The teams of season 1 can be found here, and here you can see how season 1 went.
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