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Looking At Legion: February Progress Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by deutscherhawk, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. deutscherhawk

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    Hey everyone! I’m excited to publish the first in a new series of updates on the game! As a mod team we’ve spoken with the developers on several key issues that we feel the community feels strongly about, and together we all decided to work on a bit more communication between the developers, the mods, and the community—and we feel facilitating that communication is a role that we can be particularly effective in.

    One of the core values that Lisk and Jules established when first developing game is “Show, don’t tell”, and the value makes a lot of sense. Let’s face it, as players being told something is happening isn’t near as satisfying as seeing it happen, but there are also times where the communication has dried up and needs to be a bit more transparent. To that end we are going to be doing monthly updates on the game, written by the mod team, to help try and provide a bit more insight into the work that’s gone into development.

    Looking Backward
    The first thing that’s important to address, particularly since the new year, is the relative lack of content in the game. Understandably this is very frustrating, and particularly feeds the feeling that “nothing is being done”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a number of reasons for content delay since the new season release. First, the 3rd party host for the Legion TD 2 website shut down and the website needed to functionally be rebuilt from scratch. This Project is now finished! Special thanks to Iggnaccy and Marchombre for your help!

    Unity Upgrade
    The bigger area of development was on upgrading the games Unity engine. The game currently is running on a version of unity released in 2016 which is no longer supported by playfab. This means that if it doesn’t get upgraded, key support features may be broken, and the game will simply cease to run. This obviously can’t happen and makes this upgrade one of the highest priority features. This change isn’t just changing a version number though and upgrading caused conflicts with many other third-party libraries.

    Beyond ensuring that the games engine is up to date, this update is necessary for several upcoming features such as guilds and the shop, as well as providing better network security, and increasing performance and stability overall. It’s the type of maintenance which needs to occur, but unfortunately doesn’t show a lot on the user side.

    Looking Forward
    New Content
    On that front, there are a number of content upgrades which are ready to deploy; but they can’t be released until the upgrade is finished. The tier 5 for Nomad has been complete for a couple of weeks now, and the feedback on king upgrades has been heard, and there’s been numerous considerations on how best to improve the system. The developers are hoping to finish the upgrade by next week so that the new patch of content can be rolled out. In the mean time there is a small balance patch which will be coming soon to help begin to address some of the issues with King upgrades.

    Speeding up the development
    Finally, while perhaps the most exciting news of season 3 was the addition of Dani to the development team, this is something that takes a bit of time to adjust to and is not as simple as doubling the developing workforce. What one developer can do in one month, two developers can do in two to begin with. This will quickly however allow for faster development and hopefully faster content releases.

    In conclusion, there are many things being worked on right now, and many things to look forward to:
    • Unity Upgrade to further development and maintenance of the game
    • Workflow changes to incorporate Dani into the development team.
    • Hiring Dani full time—Understandably there are many legal issues hiring outside of the US as a small indie company. This takes a lot of research and negotiations to make happen.
    • Mac OS Environment has been created allowing the development team to ensure the game is in a playable state on Mac when patches are released, which limits the amount of bug fixes required after patches go live.
    • Nomad T6 is currently being animated, and the next mercenary is being modeled.
    • Legion 7 is being concepted and worked on and the third Master’s Cup is being organized!
    Finally, these monthly updates will be coming from the Mod team on the first week of each month to help keep the development process as transparent as possible. The developers understand that what makes this game special is the dedicated community, and they’re working with the mod team to help ensure the community’s voice is heard.

    I hope you’re as excited as we are for the future updates in Legion TD 2.
    The Mod Team
    Deutscherhawk, LForward, and Jitsuc4

    PS—a little something to speculate on:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Goro

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    Show, don't post.
  3. Themryon

    Themryon Member

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    I think this can be a good thing. IF it is being maintained at the proper promised pace.
    Thank you deutscherhawk.
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  4. Mick

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    Interesting update, especially about the Unity engine. I don't know anything about those type of things, but if the devs would have said they cannot update the game before this is resolved, and gave a few updates on the progress of that, it may not have lead to such dissatisfaction and many people leaving the game.

    It does not make a lot of sense when you are unable to deliver when many people are following you. Also, there is so much knowledge, skill and experience in the player base, that it should be share and tell and not show, don't tell. I hope this time this finally really sets in, because the devs are just backstabbing themselves with the show don't tell attitude.

    However, good to see some measures have been taken on the communication part. AutoAttack is still so new, and mistakes will be made, but it's nice to see you are learning from it. Also good to see the mod team is taking an active role, because until now I felt like they were more 'honorary titles' than anything else :)

    Fun teaser, is it a tanky baby armadillo that upgrades into a superarmadillo that can walk on 2 legs? Arcane armor and pierce damage.

    Hope the legal issues will be solved soon @EpvpDani
  5. Seraphin

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    This announcement is, I think, one of the most important which has been done since the game is available on steam!

    I would like to say : "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."
    Since AutoAttack is a new company with a new game, it is particularly important to learn from the mistakes, from the situation and from community.
    I think the communication is one of the key of the success for the game since it can lead to dissatisfaction or satisfaction to the community. An active communication is really important and I'm really happy the mod team will be more involved into this.

    I also hear how important is this upcrade and actually, that's really good thing. Indeed, it means that, after this upcrade, all should be ready to develop and deploy faster new contents which is important for AutoAttack this year in my opinion.

    Then, I really like you confirm new contents are more or less ready. I just hope you are not wrong. In the contrary, the dissactisfaction could really too important for the community :s But if it is true, we can expect a lot of things incoming for the end of month :D

    Finally, really interesting to know that there will be a new official tournament !! :D :D :D The last one was in July or August (I think). Cannot wait this new tournament!!

    Thank you very much for this announcement and good luck to finish your upcrade and thank you for your work @EpvpDani @Jules @Curing @Lisk

    Thank you also to @jitsuc4 @deutscherhawk @LForward for your help and your investment!
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  6. s0n0fagun

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    If they are ready to be deployed, you might as well release it. Please don't use the unity upgrade as an excuse. This is just a way to buy yourselves time.

    Its fine that you guys struggling to get new content out quickly, or have more important priorities than that. Just be open and clear about it instead of navigating around it.
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