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Looking At Legion--June Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by deutscherhawk, Jun 14, 2019.

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    The past month has been a busy time for Legion TD, with numerous backend and user facing developments! To provide an overview of the development teams goals, it’s important to note that finishing lobby 2.0 remains the core focus of development. As mentioned previously revamping the Lobby is crucial to allowing for the game to expand for a F2P weekend in the future and allow the game to expand up to thousands of players at once. Directly involved with lobby 2.0 are rewriting chat and party code. Additionally, content is always being created so we can provide you with a steady flow of new and exciting units and features.

    Lobby 2.0—What We’ve Done

    Originally chat 2.0 was scheduled to be released, however due to some issues the code has been refactored to ensure its stability. The endgoal of this project is to replace the current chat system which runs on the lobby server. Due to the nature of the bug, it was easier to rewrite this as chat 3.0 from scratch than find the specific errors causing it. Chat 3.0 is the first of two pillars that have been developed.

    The second major pillar is revamping parties. Under the current system party logic operates on the main lobby server; similar to chat 2.0, parties 2.0 takes the current code which is built to work on a single server and revamps it to be compatible across multiple servers so you can still party with someone on a different lobby server. The biggest issue with the current party setup is that when enough players logon it would require a separate lobby server to be created, and due to the current logic this could prevent two players from partying or being matched against each other just because they happened to be in different lobby servers. Reworking this logic (as well as matchmaking) allows for multiple lobby servers to accommodate a much larger player capacity as will be needed with a F2P weekend.

    While both of these aspects are perhaps the most relevant upgrades to backend to updating the lobby for improving scalability, other factors are also being reworked, notably through the use of Redis to minimize traffic. In the current system whenever a player accesses a profile, whether its their own or any other, the client sends a request to the Legion TD server, which then requests from Playfab, which then must go back through this loop to the client. Redis provides the ability to create a network cache stored on the lobby itself, so that after the first request has been processed, future requests will only have to reach the lobby server. This means, for instance, that leaderboards and player profiles will load substantially faster, as well as numerous other examples.

    Units and Content

    Beyond the backend, there has been a lot of work done in preparing for season 4! If anyone missed it, Season 3 ends on Monday, June 24th, with awards being based on your peak rating this season, so these are your last few days to climb! This last patch not only included information regarding the end of the season, but also the much desired CODEX. This provides an ingame resource with all the detail on every unit in the game so you can calculate exactly how much had to go wrong for you to leak that one creep with 1 HP on wave 4! Joking aside, this in game tool makes all unit information easily and readily available, with specific details on every unit. This should make decision making both for advanced and new players substantially easier since all the information is easier to find within the client itself and even in the middle of a game

    Speaking of season 4, we are looking forward to releasing the Shrine T3 unit which is completed and ready to release with the new season. Following that, the Shrine T4 is modeled with finishing touches being done on texture polish and animation, while T5 is in the process of being art concepted.

    Finally, a Looking at Legion post isn’t complete without a teaser from our wonderful @Curing , so here’s Shrine T4!

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    Hello !

    When will you write the July "Looking at Legion" please? :)