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Looking At Legion: March Progress Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by jitsuc4, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Hey everyone! This is the second post in the development progress series.
    With the recent patch being live, including fancy new king spells, the Nomad tier 6 release and thus the full release of the legion and a whole bunch of balance changes, we're looking at what else is going on in the dev world, so let's dive right in.

    Unity Upgrade
    This has been delayed a bit in favor of the two patches and due to waiting for an update of a third party library. It's still high up on the list and as soon as the external tools are ready, testing on the upgrade can continue. Parts of the upgrade have to be reworked with the added content, though.

    Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Workflow
    In an effort to speed up the development and most importantly enabling Dani and Jules in the long run to add content and push changes to the live version, in case Lisk is absent or busy, the team has been working on the pipeline which would allow all of that. Before, most of the patching included manual steps which are now being automated, so the process is less error-prone and faster.

    Refactoring and Reorganizing
    A lot of effort has also gone into refactoring the code and reorganizing the project. This includes cleaning up code that was supposed to be temporary, but is already sticking around for longer than they would've liked. Getting this sorted now should prove valuable in the future by keeping bugs to a minimum when adding new features. Reorganizing the project and version control setup allows Lisk and Dani to collaborate while running into less errors.

    New Content
    Now that Nomad is completed, the next step is the seventh legion. It's already fully designed with its tier 1 unit currently being modeled. The theme of the legion or what the new unit is going to be is being kept secret for the time being, though.

    On the bright side it's already known what the new mercenary is going to be. The design and model are done and it's currently being animated. Once it's released, we can look forward to sending some ranged impact damage against those recent big tanky units. :p

    And lastly, as of writing this, there's 8 teams signed up for the Masters Cup III. Sign-ups end on March 25 and the tournament is on March 30-31. Be sure to check out the thread for more information and sign up before the deadline.

    Looking Forward
    In the upcoming weeks they'll mainly be focusing on finishing up the things mentioned above. With the tournament coming up, probably only smaller balancing patches will be released if they're needed. It's going to be a surprise whether the mercenary hits before the tournament.

    Closing off again with a sneak peek, so see you all next month and maybe earlier in the tournament,


    The Mod Team
    Deutscherhawk, LForward, and Jitsuc4
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    Fixed the mercenary sneak peek! :)