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Low FPS, not running on bad PC

Discussion in 'Performance Issues' started by 69AlwaysLeaks420, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. 69AlwaysLeaks420

    69AlwaysLeaks420 Member

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    I've been having issues with FPS recently. I will hover around ~40 but as soon as the rounds start, my fps drops to 20ish. Back to normal 40ish when round ends. Hard to get last minute sends out and it really messes with my income. I'm also noticing issues with performance when I change any of the graphics settings, best FPS with recommended settings (other than disabling menu animation). I have also noticed that if I change the graphics to very low, the screen becomes very dark, to the point where its not possible to see my units or the building zone. I have a decent computer so I'm not sure what the issue is, my Nvidia settings are for maximum performance and I have my GPU running around 90-99% while playing Legion.

    My PC:
    MSI GE60 Apache Pro
    i7-4720HQ CPU@2.60GHz
    GeForce GTX 960m (Driver 390.77, newest driver)
    16GB Ram
    Newest windows 10
    Game is installed on an SSD

    I can easily get 200+ fps in games like CSGO and LoL, not sure if it's an optimization issue, my mobile GPU, or something completely different. I love this game, just wish it was more enjoyable to run.. :(

    EDIT: Also having an issue where Steam says Legion TD 2 is still running after closing the program. I'm required to restart steam in order to close the game and relaunch.
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  2. Lisk

    Lisk Director Staff Member

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    Hmm, did this start happening all of a sudden? (were you able to play better before?)

    I have a laptop with an i5 and 960m and 8GB ram and Windows 10, it runs the game pretty well.