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LTD2 league

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Leagues' started by Darktarant, Oct 11, 2018.

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    In an effort to increase the competitiveness of this game I want to organize an ongoing league.
    I am going to organize an ongoing friendly competetive league where everyone can join and teams of simmilar skill levels will play against each other. I will be using a discord server https://discord.gg/Bme9ymb
    for scheduling, signups and announcments. at least one member of each team has to be a member of the discord server.

    I. League Structure
    The league will be played in seasons lasting 6 weeks each with a 2 weeks break in between. Teams will be divided in groups of up to 6 teams and then placed in their respective division. The league will have 1 A division, 2 B divisions , 4 C divisions, up to 8 D divisions, up to 16 E divisions and up to 32 F divisions. After each season the teams placing first will promote to the next higher division and the teams placing 5th and 6th will demote to next lower division.

    For instance, the teams who place 5th and 6th in the A group will demote to the B division, and the teams who place first in B1 and B2 groups will promote to the A division to take their places. Teams might not demote in lower divisions depending on overall number of teams.

    II. Match Structure
    Each team will play one match with each other team in their division. Matches consist of 6* games. Each team receives 1 point for each game they won.
    Legions as well as Mastermind is allowed for all matches if you want to agree on any specific rules I encourage you to do so with you opposing team.
    I suggest completing all 6* games of a match on the same day, but this is not required. After completing a match one of the teams should post the result in the results channel on the discord.

    *number might change acording to feedback

    III. Standings
    I will update the Standings manually and at least once per day. You will find them in a google spreadsheet. (tbd)
    Ties are broken in the following order.
    1. Number of total points from matches between the tied teams
    2. The sum of the number of points received in each match multiplied by the total score of the opponent from that match.
    3. Coin Flip

    IV. Joining, and Leaving
    when a team joins for the first time, they are placed in a division based on the availability of spots and their current average rating. At the end of each season, teams have to declare whether they are staying for the next season or leaving the league. If you left the league and rejoin it within the last 6 seasons your team will be placed in the division they were before leaving the league depending on availability.

    V. Scheduling
    Every team should try to play one match per week to finish with all games in time.
    Try to tell the other teams your general availability throughout the week. If you have any problems scheduling your match with the opposing team contact your Moderator.

    VI. Dropping Teams Mid-Season
    Teams dropping out during the season have a significant negative impact on their group. Unfortunately, some must drop out, or become inactive and have to be removed by the moderators. The results of the dropped team will be voided and the remaining teams play one less match.
    Teams who drop mid-season will be banned from participation in the next 2 League Seasons as well as getting an instant demotion should they return.

    I would love to hear some feedback or suggestions.

    Edit: forgot to add dates. so the 1st season would go from the 03.12.2018 until the 13.01.2019
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    Hey there everyone i want to give a short update:

    I am currently working on an automated system to view standings and report results via google spreadsheets. This will be finished before season 1 starts. I will give more information once its finished.

    I want to add that there is going to be a Championship match in division A at the end of the season where the top 2 Teams are going to play against each other in a match consisting of 6 games where the difference in points during the season will be calculated in. a 7th game will be played if the score is tied after the 6th game. If a team is unable to win the Championchip match after any given game the other Team will be victorious and the match ends immediatly.

    Right now there are 2 teams that have signed up and 10 members are in the discord server i created to handle the league. I feel like we need at least 18 teams meaning that at least divisions A and B are full for this format to work in the long run. So i want to encourage everyone to join the discord server (https://discord.gg/Bme9ymb) if you are intrested in a league. Even if you may not plan to sign up for season 1 or dont have a teammate right now.
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