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Mark Classic Tryharders

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Philip Rössler, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Philip Rössler

    Philip Rössler Member

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    What do i want?
    The ability to mark players with a symbol of my choice.

    Why do i want that?
    I want to be able to mark tryharding players with terrible attidude so that in every game after that ill know what im facing. That way ill be able to warn new players in my (classic game) team and most important be able to punish these assholes.

    Do i suggest that because i lose to often?
    Yes and no. I lose often because my team gets tryharded (and then shittalked by some players). But i could win alot of them if i wouldnt be using so many funbuilds that rely on the lategame and no tryhard. And since i have too good stats i get thrown in teams with alot noobs i then would have to carry.

    As someone who loves the game and loves using all the units available in all combinations possible, i strive for (classic) games where i dont have to tryhard others and not get tryharded so everybody can get fed and have a good build to have a even better fight after wave 21.
    Games that end around wave 10 are boring and kill the fun of the game.
    But unfortunately as said there are people who make those kind of games happen and by shittalking destroy the fun even further.
    They need to be stepped on. But i shouldnt have to write every single name on a seperate list to look up if im playing against a dick! I just want to have fun!! And im tired of their shit!

    Thanks for reading