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Mastermind Weekly #17: Season 2 Begins

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by holepercent, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. holepercent

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    Season 1 comes to a close and the next season begins. Starting with 2 workers brings back some of the early pressure. More gold is in the ecosystem and leaking is somewhat less punishing. Game remains 2v2, for better or worse.

    mm weekly 17 roll.png

    Your choices for Legion Spell are Reroll, Press the attack and Market.

    What will be your choice of 6 fighters?
    What will you build for wave 1?
    What will be your core fighters and workers for wave 5, 10 and 15+? (for discussion purpose, assume a game of average pace and no one leaks significant)

    In most cases, there is no 'correct' set of 6 fighters to keep. Play style and how greedy you are with workers will influence your choices. However, keeping something like all 4 tier 1 fighers will rarely be optimal.
  2. Seraphon

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    Bone warrior, gargoyle, bazooka, windhawk, serpent and Banana.
    Depending on the game, I would probably take reroll as Legion spell. For me, serpent is a bit useless here but you don't have anything else usefull.
    2 possible start : Bone crusher or violet + bone warrior depending on the start of your ally.

    Concerning your last question, it is impossible to talk about wave 5, 10 and 15 because it depends on how your opponent save and send.