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Mastermind Weekly #37: I'm a Nomad Main Now

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by holepercent, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. holepercent

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    Current Elo: 1275 (+16)
    This week: 2-1
    Season 3: 5-1

    I seem to be one of those players who have yet to find success playing Gateguard or Eggsack, which means last column's roll is a reroll for me. Pretty sure both forsaken summoners are among my least used fighters. (Out of interest, counting Classic games, if I made a roll out of my most played fighters, one of each tier, I would be playing Bone Warrior, Bazooka, Wildshroom, Mudman, PotA, Banana Bunk.)

    The previous weekend saw a featured game mode available for play, probably one of the most fun ones. Chaos mode with x2 spawns make for some really chaotic games. The entire team leaking to death on wave one was a real possibility. A mode where Pyro and Honeyflower really shine. If the plan is for a featured game mode maybe once a month, have it run for a week instead since not everyone can play over the weekend.

    This week's patch adds the Nomad Tier 6 fighter into Mastermind's pool of available fighters, completing the legion for play. Nomad is shaping up to be pretty interesting to work out the various synergies and possibilities. Together with the new fighter, new King Spells were added, along with the usual balance changes.
    Your choices for Legion Spell are Dark Ritual, Press the Attack or Sacrifice.

    mm weekly 37a.png

    If you choose to reroll, state so. Then assume this is your final set and you have to pick from it.

    What will be your choice of 6 fighters?
    What will you build for wave 1?
    How aggressive do you expect to be able to push workers with your roll?
    What is your likely weak wave?

    In most cases, there is no 'correct' set of 6 fighters to keep. Play style and how greedy you are with workers will influence your choices.


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  2. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Pollywog, Tempest, Gateguard, Mudman, Grarl, Sand Badger

    Big frontline of Devilfish, Golems, King Claws, and Iron Scales. Backline of Leviathans, Tempests, and Seraphins.

    Start Sand Badger and probably Sacrifice it on 11, unless there's a big opportunity for Press the Attack, or if your king is low -> Dark Ritual becomes high value.