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Mastermind Weekly #44: Re-looking King Upgrades

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by holepercent, Jun 12, 2019.


Do we keep the current King Upgrades into Season 4?

  1. Keep the mechanic, with balance to numbers

  2. Replace with a "new" concept

  3. Just remove the mechanic completely

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  1. holepercent

    holepercent Member

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    Hello and Welcome to Mastermind Weekly #44! Just a reminder that Season 3 will end on June 24th, and rewards will be based on the season's peak rating.

    Having played with King upgrades for some time now, has the mechanic added any strategic depth to the game? I'd argue not. Personally, and i think quite a number of players will support this, the mechanic really only succeeded in prolonging games and not added much in terms of decisions and strategy to the game. Most of the decisions are pretty much 'forced', or you'd do it anyway for safety. If you're ahead and a full send did not defeat the opponent's king, it's not a major loss to invest one wave of mythium into maxing out the King when you're likely ahead on workers. If your team took early King damage, you pretty much have to invest the mythium to survive, giving up pressure on the opposing lanes.

    What I'd propose here is to have King upgrades be similar to Legion Spells, where you pick one out of a few possibilities to boost the King's hold potential. Choosing one spell means you forgo the other options, making it a more 'active' choice. Maybe even one set of upgrades at wave 7, another at 14. Or even something like choosing to upgrade the King or giving yourself "Lane Spells", which could feature mechanics like increased move speed / attack speed (possibly applying to both fighters and creatures + mercenaries), 'artificially' lengthening or shortening the lane (for fighters like sky queens) among other possibilities. Or even design mechanics with specific upsides and corresponding downsides, where the player has to plan around while building up.

    Your choices for Legion Spell are All Out Assault, Market, Press The Attack.

    mm weekly 44.png

    If you choose to reroll, state so. Then assume this is your final set and you have to pick from it.

    What will be your choice of 6 fighters?
    What will you build for wave 1?
    How aggressive do you expect to be able to push workers with your roll?
    What is your likely weak wave?

    In most cases, there is no 'correct' set of 6 fighters to keep. Play style and how greedy you are with workers will influence your choices.


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  2. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Bone Warrior, Bazooka, Aqua Spirit, Nekomata, Great Boar, Eggsack

    Zeus/Pyro are really strong with Rogue Wave. Nekomata for Arcane frontline. Bone Warrior for T1. Great Boar for fortified tank + synergy with Pyro. Eggsack for natural tank.
  3. Cornep

    Cornep Member

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    Well, if I was playing with the lads, i would go disciple piggy suicide, oneshot literally every wave 14-19 carry hard gg

    If solo/duo i'd uhh. seafood, zooka, aqua, kittens, disciple, egg.

    few kingpins 3-4, some cats and egg mass late. backline with zeus mass with starcaller and 1-2 roguewaves.